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Hello from Jack-land!

Which, to be honest, is a bit of a mixed bag right now. My beloved dog, Caesar, passed away, which is bad, but peacefully, which is good. I'm spending lots of time with my kids (good) because we're in lockdown (bad). I still can't log into Facebook, Instagram or Messenger (bad) but also, I can't log into Facebook, Instagram or Messenger (good). I'm still on Twitter and Youtube (bad). I've finally given up on my New Year's resolution to review everything I read (bad) because I've read so many books (good) and fallen behind on my own projects (bad), what with the kids and the dog. At least I have frogurt.

Thank you to the one person who laughed at that joke. (I assume it was my brother, who's a Simpsons fanatic.)

This next bit, though, is pure good news. Speaking of brothers...

Kill Your Brother is coming out in print and ebook form!

This was supposed to be a secret until mid-October. But since booksellers are already tweeting excitedly about it, I figure the cat is out of the bag. I definitely don't want my treasured, loyal and good-looking newsletter subscribers to be the last to know.

A quick recap—the audiobook of Kill Your Brother was published in August, and spent a month in the number one spot in the mystery category on For a while it was also the fourth most popular book on the site overall. I was, and am, stoked.

If you missed it, it's a crime novel, set in Australia, about a disgraced athlete who is kidnapped, held prisoner in an underground septic tank, and told that she will be released in exchange for murdering her brother. Twists ensue.

On November 30, 2021, the book will be available in print (in Australia and New Zealand) and in ebook form (everywhere) thanks to my friends at Allen & Unwin. (I'd also like to thank Audible, who had exclusive rights to the book for six months, but who generously cut that short so the print and ebook versions could be out for Christmas.)

So, if you like crime fiction or need a gift for someone who does, please preorder! (Preorder sales are more valuable than regular sales, because they encourage booksellers and publishers to order/print more copies.) As always, I'd encourage you to support your local bookstore if you can, but here are the links if you can't:
Preorder in print
Preorder the ebook
If you do preorder, email me the receipt (or a picture of it) and I'll send you something special. ;)

I should also point out that if you like audiobooks, you don't have to wait until November 30. The book is on Audible, worldwide, right now.
More Kill Your Brother news (and Timothy Blake news) is coming soon. Stay tuned.

But for now, I gotta go. Usually I finish these emails with some flash fiction, written during a writing workshop, but I haven't been doing any workshops lately, and I'm a bit too busy to write a story just to finish this email. Instead, please enjoy this Twitter conversation about Kill Your Brother with bestselling author John Purcell:
Stay safe, everybody. Love to you all. It's thanks to your support that I get to keep doing this job I love, even when the world seems less than stable.

Gotta run!
P.S. If you enjoyed this email, send it to a friend! It can be hard for authors to get the word out about their books, but every little bit counts. :)
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