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300 Minutes of Danger to become a VR film!

I've been sitting on this news for so long my butt was starting to hurt. Happening Films has adapted one of the stories in 300 Minutes of Danger (my internationally bestselling thriller for tweens) into a short virtual reality film! Thanks to Screen Australia for the funding.

Which story? Poison. A kid has been dosed with a neurotoxin by a maniac, and has 30 minutes to get the antidote. The film is called 30 Minutes of Danger.
Did you say virtual reality? Yup. They filmed it with a 360 degree camera, so you can put on a headset and become the poisoned teen.
Will they film the other stories too? Hopefully. But it depends if the first one is a hit.
Who's in it? The terrifying Maude Davey (Noise, Offspring) stars as the poisoner. Nicki Bacon plays Nassim (the kid). Shareena Clanton (Wentworth) plays Constable Angela White. And I have a cameo as a newsreader! It also features the jewellery of the wonderful Venetia Major, who, by a fortunate coincidence, I happen to be married to. (The filmmakers liked the jewellery so much they rewrote the screenplay to include it.)
When is it out, and how do I get it? I have no idea. Stay tuned.
Films are great, but I like books. Will there be more? Funny you should ask. I just signed a contract for 200 Minutes of Danger.

If you have any more questions about this, or if you just want to follow the news, my handle is @jackheathwriter on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Hangman set for a big release in America

What do you get when you mix a bit of Bauer, a dash of Dexter, a helping of Hannibal and... uh... a s***load of Sherlock? (Sorry, couldn't think any better alliteration.) You get Timothy Blake, Houston's most disturbed detective and star of Hangman, who has already made a big (and bloody) splash all over Australia, New Zealand and France. His next stops are the USA and Canada (then Germany and Russia.) And to celebrate, I've been working on some things.

Would you like to play Hangman against Blake? Be warned, he's a genius, and he picks some pretty dark words. Try your luck at

Would you like a character named after you in Hangman 2? Post a comment here and I'll consider it. Be warned: the book is a violent and disturbing crime novel (just like Hangman 1). So your character will either have something terrible happen to them, or they'll do something terrible to someone else. Probably both.

Also, I promised that if Hangman was voted one of the 101 best books of all time, I'd record an extract from the book in my best Texas accent. Just letting all of y'all know that I ain't done that yet. But I'm working on it. Apologies in advance to any real Texans.


This Thursday evening I'll be interviewing excellent crime author Sarah Bailey at Dymocks on George Street in Sydney to celebrate the release of Into The Night. Be there!



I did an interview with the terrific Words and Nerds podcast. Fans of 24 will find a treat at the end! There's also a PG (non-Hangman) version here.

I also, for some reason, made a video in which I defended "manspreaders". Enjoy, I guess?
I swear I'm not doing it for the reasons you think
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