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Armageddon has arrived

EQE! (This an acronym I'm trying to popularise. It means, Excuse the Quick Email. I sure hope it catches on, because it defeats the purpose if I have to type out the whole thing to explain it every time.)

I wanted to let you know that LIARS: Armageddon, the fifth and final book in the series, has hit stores across Australia and New Zealand! It has a deadly virus, a killer robot, and a long-awaited face-to-face showdown between Jarli and the master criminal known as Viper. It'll have to be the final LIARS book, because at the end the whole town gets blown up and everyone dies.

...Or do they? Or does it? You'll have to read the book and find out. As always, I encourage you to support your local bookstore, but if you don't have one, here's a button. Click it.

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Meanwhile in North America, the release of LIARS: The Truth App (book 1) is less than six months away. My DANGER series is coming out there soon, too. If live in the USA or Canada and you're hungry in the meantime, why not check out Hangman or Just One Bite? (Assuming you're an adult who likes grisly crime novels about a cannibal detective, that is.)

Other news:

I've just finished a brutal tour of the east coast - thanks to all the enthusiastic readers who made it fun. If you:

- couldn't make it (large group)
- and you're an aspiring author (medium size group)
- or a professional author (small group)
- AND you would like to read an analysis of the audience-manipulation techniques I used during my presentations (tiny group) ...

... well, Skylarking author (and host of The First Time podcast) Kate Mildenhall live-tweeted one of my sessions at a school. Check out her insightful thread:

I also have a new illustrated comedy series for kids age 9+ coming soon. More details soon.

Here's a story I wrote in 7 minutes at a school:
This changes EVERYTHING, Georgia thought.

She looked around suddenly, like a mouse about to approach a pizza box. The alleyway was deserted. Steam billowed from the stormwater drains as if the fires of hell were burning beneath the city. The maze of rusty fire escapes dripped onto overflowing dumpsters. If this was some kind of trap, she couldn't see any evidence of it.

She closed the briefcase quickly, hiding her money. She already thought of it as hers. Something she needed to protect from the thousands of thieves and gangsters who ran this godforsaken town. She hurried out of the alley, trying to look normal, wishing she was dressed in something other than rags so the leather suitcase didn't look so out of place.

This would be enough to buy her own place. A small place, just out of town. Somewhere she could write, in peace, without the constant threat of--

The glow of the liquor store on the corner caught her eye. She hesitated. The suitcase suddenly felt heavy. An icy wind blew right through her. It was the sort of cold a tumbler of whiskey would go a long way towards fixing.

She had sworn off the stuff, of course. Again and again. But wasn't this something worth celebrating?
That's all, folks. Feel free to forward this email to people you think might be interested in the books, and remember to follow me on social media using the links below.
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