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Well, hi there! It's been a minute.

Did I use that correctly? It's an American expression. We don't really say it in Australia. My hobby is trying out Americanisms and seeing how they feel—which sometimes results in bestselling Texas noir, and other times in appalled looks. (Sometimes both!)

My point is that I haven't emailed you in a while. Sorry, I've been a tad busy. Not only have I been working on Headcase (Hangman 4), Kill Your Husband (Kill Your Brother 2) and 10 Minutes of Danger (300 Minutes of Danger 9), but I've also just come back from Brisbane, where I was hunted by some professional soldiers using drones and remote-control tanks. I'm not kidding. I'll be able to explain why in a year or two.
Yep, that's the picture the news will run if I'm ever accused of a crime.
Speaking of kidding, though, did you see my April Fool's Day prank? Every year on the first of April I announce a new book, and I was especially pleased with this one.

But that's not what I'm writing to tell you about today. Villain Kid Fully Busted! is now available for preorder!

Maya is a supervillain, but, unfortunately, no-one has noticed.

She's tried everything: wearing a name tag that says 'Villain Kid', heisting the hospital, stealing her whole classroom-nothing has worked. When Maya is expelled and sent to St Flowerpot's School for Ladies, she meets a real criminal mastermind. One with a plan so diabolical it makes Maya's adventures look as harmless as butterfly farts. Can Villain Kid outwit an evil genius, or will she be fully busted?

This outrageous illustrated comedy for age 8+ will be published on June 1, 2022. As always, I encourage you to support your local bookstore, but the book is also available online.

Remember how I got locked out of Facebook / Instagram / Messenger?

Well, I still am, and it's prompted me to overhaul my whole social media strategy. From now on, I'm only on Youtube and Twitter, rather than spreading myself too thinly over too many networks. But I still want to keep reviewing books, because that makes me a better writer, so now I'm doing it on Youtube instead of Goodreads. If you enjoy the example above, please like and subscribe. And if you have any feedback or suggestions, chime in in the comments! (I'd love to hear from other people who've read the book and have their own opinions.)

Anyway, I have to go—so many books, so little time. I'll sneak into your inbox again when 10 Minutes of Danger is ready to preorder. As always, thanks for staying subscribed. If you know someone else who likes good books, feel free to share this email with them!
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