August 2013 

Dear Friend,

I have some exciting news about my children's book as well as an update on the hospital project.  Also a little about one of my favorite people.

My Children's Book
And my news is:  my book is done and is now at the printers!  I finished it in May and then had professional photographs taken of each mosaic by local photographer Mehosh Dziadzio.  The photos were sent to Barb who worked on the design of the book with me for about a month.  The book was sent to the printers and various proofs of the book were sent to me over the next couple of weeks.  The proofs were finally approved and I am now awaiting my advance copies!  If they look good, the book will be printed and arrive sometime in September or October.  So excited, can't wait!  In the meantime, I've been setting up an exhibition for the mosaics as well as some book signings.  I should have complete details next newsletter, or if necessary, an announcement in between newsletters.  If you'd like a postcard sent to you in the mail when the book is ready, send me an email here to be added to my mailing list.  Here are a couple of details of the mosaics taken by Mehosh.  Also, one of me in my studio finishing up the edges on the mosaics.

Photos of mosaics by Mehosh Dziadzio, copyright 2013

Hospital Update
My designs for the chapel at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital were submitted a few months ago and revisions were needed so I've been working on those.  It's been an interesting process since I've had to coordinate with a second non-mosaic artist in creating designs that harmonize with each other's.  I haven't worked on the designs in more than a month as I was in Los Angeles with my mother during her illness and then her passing.  I will be submitting some designs next week that will be newly inspired and heavily influenced by my mother who was also an artist and a lover of the beauty of nature.  I see some of her favorite trees and flowers making an appearance in the designs and it will be even more beautiful than I first imagined, as it will have all my heart and my mom in it, too.  Stay tuned for more updates in my next newsletter.

Other Artists I Enjoy
This is the art of my mother, Robin Nichols.  From as far back as I can remember, drawing and being creative has always been a part of my life with her.  I recently found this drawing in her belongings that she and I had done together in 1976 (I was eight).  It was my favorite thing to do with her and my sisters - she had such joy in the process and was only encouraging of everything we made.  Some of the art I found at her house that we had done as children had thumb tack holes in the corners.  She was always hanging up our artwork with pride, showing us how wonderful she thought it was.  Looking through her boxes of everything we ever created warms my heart, knowing how much she loved and appreciated every single one.


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