February 2012 

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my quarterly e-newsletter!  I recently realized that even though I am a social networking fiend and am everywhere I can be online sharing my artwork and mosaic news, not everyone I know is on these social networking sites and therefore not getting my updates on my mosaic adventures.  Since I started creating mosaics in 2005, my business has increasingly grown and I’m excited about the new opportunities and possibilities that have come my way, especially in the past year.  If you would rather not receive my e-newsletter, feel free to safely unsubscribe below, but I hope you will find it interesting and fun and even forward it to others you think might like what I am doing.  :)

My Children’s Book

My current project is a children’s book illustrated with my stained glass mosaics.  I started the book about 2 ½ years ago and am getting very close to finishing!  I have so far created 11 mosaics and have only 3 or 4 more to go.  I anticipate the book going to print this summer.  I will be making announcements when it is ready, including in my newsletter, but if you’d like to receive a postcard in the mail with an image from the book on it, either email me with your mailing address or go to my blog to sign up (scroll down to the mailing list form on the right hand side).  My blog is also the primary way I share photos and news on my book and is updated regularly, so if you’d like to read more details or see more photos of the book in progress, please visit my blog!  Here are a couple of detailed shots from the book.


Can you help me?

Once the book is printed, I will be having an art show which will include all of the mosaics in the book, as well as a book signing.  I am working now on finding a place to do this sometime around November or December of this year.  I am looking into the art galleries in downtown Santa Barbara, hoping to show in one near Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center (since the show will be near Christmas!).  It's too bad Borders closed, isn't it? but I will be contacting Chaucer's for a book signing.  For you locals, do you know of any galleries that would be a good fit for my work?  Or does anyone have any ideas of a non-gallery location that I could have my exhibit at?  I am trying to avoid a costly show, so please keep that in mind.  :)  I appreciate any and all suggestions you might have.  Thanks!

A couple more details from my book.

Large Community Project!

At the end of this month, I will be traveling to Lexington, KY for the annual Society of American Mosaic Artists Conference (SAMA).  Last summer I was asked to lead the mosaic marathon at this year’s conference and have been preparing for it since.  The marathon is two days of conference-goers creating a mosaic for a local charity, in this case, Lexington’s not-for-profit organization,The Nest: Center for Women, Children & Families.  I will be leading the SAMA members in creating a triptych from my designs that will then hang in the lobby of The Nest.  This will be my first community led mosaic as well as my largest mosaic created so far, and I’m so excited and grateful for this opportunity.  I will share lots of photos and details in my next newsletter, but for now, here are my designs.  The sky will be a periwinkle color.

Awesome Opportunity at Local Goleta Cottage Hospital

About a year and a half ago I responded to a call to artists for artwork to be purchased and installed at the Cottage Hospitals in Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA, both currently being rebuilt and expanded.  Over 400 artists submitted proposals and my work was selected to move forward into the design phase!  I can’t tell you how excited I am at the prospect of having my artwork installed at my local hospital!  In early communication I was told my work was specifically being considered for the Goleta location.  Further communication has been sporadic, probably due to construction taking longer than planned.  Good news, however!  The most recent email informed me that they are about three months away from doing the art for the Goleta campus, so hopefully I will have more exciting details to share in my next newsletter!  You can see some of the artwork that was acquired for the Santa Barbara campus here.

My Newest Work

My most recent mosaic was created for the mosaic salon at the upcoming SAMA conference where it will hopefully be sold to the highest bidder! The original design was of the cat playing with a ball, but when I started adding the spots to the cat, I thought it would be fun to have one of his spots falling off.  It is 7 3/4 x 8" and is titled "Now How Did That Happen?"

Other Artists I Enjoy

I love viewing art (I collect it, too) and so I want to share in my newsletters other artists I enjoy.  Last month I joined The Santa Barbara Art Crawl, a group that gets together for the 1st Thursday Art & Music walk in downtown Santa Barbara.  While I saw some gorgeous art and visited some of my favorite galleries, a stand out for me was The Project Fine Art Zone, a collaborative, non-profit art gallery owned and operated by nine local artists.  I loved the atmosphere, the happy band, and it was very impressive how nine distinct artists could create a show that worked so well together.  I loved all of the work, but my favorite artist there was Erika Carter.  Here are a couple of her wonderful paintings.  The next 1stThursday event is February 2nd.  Come out and join me!


Do You Want to Learn the Art of Mosaic?

When I first started creating mosaics in 2005, there were no local classes to learn from, so I taught myself.  Now, there is an actual school!  Founded by my friend Tami Macala in 2009, The Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art offers weekend workshops as well as open lab where you can work on your project with Tami’s assistance.  She is lots of fun and knows her stuff!!  She also has visiting artists, including one of my favorites, Martin Cheek, who will be there this month, and my buddy, the fabulous Susan Crocenzi who will be there in September.  Check out Tami's web site for her class schedule.  If you do sign up for a class, let me know because I love to drop by her workshops, especially if I know my friends will be there, or I can meet new ones!  If you do not live in or near Santa Barbara and are interested in taking a mosaic class, drop me an email as I may be able to recommend an instructor near you.

  Fountain by Tami Macala
Thank you for reading my newsletter and I hope you enjoyed it!

Warm regards, until next time,

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