November 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving!!  Thank you so much for being a subscriber to my newsletter. With the holidays approaching, I have multiple giveaways of my book, The Night Before Christmas and kitty note cards that have just arrived, plus a recap of my recent mosaic exhibition and radio appearance, and some new non-mosaic art I've been creating.

Book Giveaway (Five!)

The Night Before Christmas

It's that time of year again to have another book giveaway at Goodreads. Last year there were more than 1,000 entries! This year I am giving away five books for a better chance at winning and it is open to U.S. residents and non-residents alike. The give-away begins today and runs until midnight 12/5. It's free to enter - all you have to do is click the button "Enter Giveaway" and you are good to go! Winners are chosen randomly by Goodreads and I will send the books as soon as the winners are announced. You can find the giveaway link in a white box at the top right side of my blog, here.

If you'd like to purchase my book as a gift, you can buy it on my web site where U.S. shipping is free. Just let me know in the notes who you'd like me to address it to. Shipping is not free on Amazon and other sites where my book is available, so be sure to order from me. :)

Another Chance to Win (Five More!)

Christmas postcards, A Little Ol' Driver and Dash Away All!

Speaking of Amazon, can I ask a favor of you? I'd love for more people to find my book on Amazon and you can help by posting a review for me. It doesn't even have to be long, just a sentence, just a couple words even. More than 1,000 of you have my book - how awesome it would be to have 1,000 reviews! If you are willing to, I'd be so, so grateful. Oh - and I will send a book to five reviewers, chosen by a random drawing on December 6th. I will even include a pack of my Christmas postcards and my new kitty note cards!  (Aren't they cute?)  Follow this link and click on "customer reviews" underneath the book title and then "write a customer review" to add your review. Good luck and thank you so much!

Note cards featuring Raymi available here

By the way, I just found out moments ago that my book was featured on Bored Panda by Cara Imperato in her post, 35 Unique Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers, Handmade by Indie Artists & Makers. If you love cats and art, check out her picks here and find more cat inspired art at her fun blog,

Mosaic Gallery at Menelli

In September I showed my mosaics with two local mosaic artists at Menelli Trading Company in Montecito, CA. I met so many fun and interesting people to talk to, there was wine and delicious food, and of course, lots and lots of art!  My mosaics were shown with artists Betsy Gallery and Wendy Brewer (check out their web sites for more of their art work!) We have very different styles from each other and even work in different materials.  I enjoyed the variety and hope the visitors did, too!  Thanks for hosting us, Menelli!

Betsy, me and Wendy                              Art by Betsy Gallery

Art by Wendy Brewer                             Art by me

Radio Appearance

Following our exhibit, the three of us, with Miles Carroll from Menelli were guests on local radio station KZSB 1290AM. We were interviewed by Elizabeth Stewart on her show, Art and Antiques, and talked about our recent event as well as a little bit about ourselves and our artwork. I had never done anything like this and it was so interesting to see the workings of a radio station! Elizabeth was so friendly and personable, it was great fun. Thanks so much, KZSB, for having us!


New Art

Last newsletter I mentioned I was doing more drawing. It's been so interesting for me to find that a new style is unfolding. The best part is I'm just emptying my mind and letting it happen. I used to be very deliberate about what I drew. Now I just start with no thoughts and let it be what it wants to be. Here are a couple recent drawings with ink pen. Okay, I did put thought into the first one since it was specifically of Elizabeth and her dog from the radio show. I turned it into a thank you card and sent it to her. You can follow me on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest to see my drawings as I create them!

The other thing I've been doing is turning my drawings into embroidery art. I've long been a cross-stitcher so trying embroidery wasn't too much of a stretch (get it?). I've just been learning the different stitches and playing with varying materials to stitch on and having fun learning something new! I'm also working on some embroidered cat ornaments and if you're interested you will be soon be able to find them (and my other art and note cards) in my Etsy Shop.


Cats in Repose                                        Spots


Ornaments in progress

Other Art I Enjoy

I just found this artist recently on Facebook and love, love, love him!  His name is in Russian but Google translate says it is Alexander Yanin. I have a deep affection for Russian art, always have, beginning with Marc Chagall. I love the story telling of it and I love the culture. Most importantly, I love how the art makes me feel something. If you like it, too, go to his Facebook page to see more.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for following along on my artistic journey, and if you think others would be interested in reading about my art, feel free to share my newsletter.

Warm regards, until next time,


Me and little sis Jen

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