May 2013 

Dear Friend,

I have lots to share in this newsletter including updates on my children's book and hospital commission, as well as my experience at this year's SAMA conference. 

New Work

Last month I created a new mosaic to take with me to the annual SAMA conference, this year in Tacoma, WA.  I made it for the mosaic salon, a very fun event where conference goers bid on each other's mosaics.  So far I have never bought one, but I have always sold mine.  This year I didn't, so if you are interested in purchasing it, email me!  It is 8x9", made with stained glass, vitreous and millefiori, and is entitled "Happy!"


SAMA Conference
I had a great time at the conference, my fifth one now!  I took a workshop with Laurel True, Facilitating Community-Based Mosaic Projects, as I have recently been considering doing some local projects with kids.  When I will be able to fit that into my schedule, I don't know yet, but now I have a wealth of information on hand for when I am ready!  I also volunteered as an assistant in Sharra Frank's class, The Secrets of Mosaicking With Beads.  I came away very excited about the possibilities, and who knows, maybe a children's book illustrated with tiny seed beads is in my future.  :)

I spent a fun day with my roomie,
Barb Keith, going to a local mosaic exhibit and heading to an Eric Carle exhibit, but getting sidetracked by the 80th Annual Daffodil Parade!  Barb will be publishing my children's book this year through her publishing company, Brownian Bee Press, where she has also published two of her own children's books illustrated with mosaics (go check them out, they're wonderful!).  And if you are attending next year's SAMA conference in Houston, you will find us at our own booth in the vendor's marketplace, selling our books.  Can't wait!

Barb and I at the Daffodil Parade, books by
Barb Keith

My Children's Book
Since my last newsletter I have been busy working on my children's book and I'm happy to say I am really close to being done!  I finished my last mosaic of the book, and have since gone back to the beginning to make some changes on the earlier ones.  The picture on the left is a detail of #14.  The one on the right is part of #15, the last page of the book.  If you'd like a postcard sent to you in the mail when the book is ready, send me an email here to be added to my mailing list.  


I have a possible location lined up for the exhibition of my mosaics this fall, but if any locals have any ideas for a place to hang them, preferably for a month, please let me know!  Also, I will be needing to photograph them in the next month.  Does anyone know of a photographer in the area who specializes in photographing art, especially glass art?  I'd appreciate any referrals!

Hospital Update

I've written previously about a call to artists I responded to three years ago, for artwork to be installed at the two local Cottage Hospitals currently being rebuilt and expanded.  Over 400 artists submitted proposals and I was selected (three years ago!) to move forward into the design phase.  I have finally moved into that phase!  In fact, I just submitted my designs last week and am now waiting for them to be approved.  If approved, there will be three panels, 2x4' each, that will be hung in the hospital's chapel in Goleta, CA.  Another local artist, Meganne Forbes, is painting designs that will then be created as three stained glass windows, so we have been meeting up to harmonize our designs.  I will have more details in the next newsletter!

Other Artists I Enjoy
One of my favorite artists is wildlife artist Charley Harper.  Minimal realism, he calls his art: “I don’t try to put everything in, I try to leave everything out.”  I adore his animals and his humor in his art, as well as the titles he gives them!  I was also really excited when I discovered that he designed two ceramic murals, both located in Cincinnati.  His art is all over my house, from books to a framed print to my calendar to my address books!


That's all for now!  Thank you for reading my newsletter and if you think others would be interested in reading it, feel free to pass it on.

Warm regards, until next time,

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