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Happy New Year, wishing you good health and happiness in 2017!  

I love the start of the new year, it's exciting looking at the year ahead and setting my intentions for what I would like to achieve. 

Having gone slightly off my healthy eating plan over the last 2 weeks I need to start by getting back on track and eating clean. Also, I need to focus on exercise as it wasn't consistent last year especially relocating back from Singapore to London. I have scheduled more time for it in 2017 and will be incorporating new exercises. And for the first time my goals this year includes meditating longer. 

As we enthusiastically set our resolutions for the year, having high expectations of ourselves, we sometimes may set goals that are beyond what we can realistically achieve.  From experience I know that making extreme changes which we are not used to can make us feel deprived.  For example if you are not used to exercising and join a gym, it's best to start with going 2-3 times a week which you can achieve rather than setting your goal as 5 times a week, which you may not be able to maintain consistently.

I'd like to share my 5 tips on setting resolutions which you can achieve.

1. Pick a few things you want to accomplish in 2017 so you can work on them effectively.  Write these resolutions and put them where you can see them.
2. Break down your annual goals into measurable smaller goals which you can track over the year.  
3. Reassess your goals during the year and reset them if you need to. This may be because your goals were set too high or you may have already accomplished your goals and need to set new ones.
4. Have an accountability partner who will hold you accountable and ensure you don't give up on your goals, this could be a family member, friend or coach 
5. Make it fun so you enjoy what you are doing and can carry on consistently through the year. If exercising, partner with a friend or do something you enjoy like Zumba. Try new recipes so you don't get bored of eating the same foods.

What are your goals this year?
Have you set them realistically? Will you be tracking your goals?  Have you got an accountability partner?  

Over the year I will be providing you with resources on how to stay on track, these may be tips, recipes or programs.  

Next week I will be sharing my brand new program "Step by step to good health in 10 days" which is a quick, easy and stress free program. 

Wishing you all the best in 2017

Warm regards,
Sujata Din 

Sujata Din is a Certified Health Coach based in London who offers Wellness and Weight loss Consultations to those who despite eating healthily and exercising cannot achieve their health goals which range from improving digestion, increasing energy, weight loss, etc.  She also has a range of online programs that can be downloaded and be done at your convenience at any time from anywhere in the world.  Consultations are done in person, Skype or over the phone. To find out more visit

Sujata is also a Professional Cancer Coach and coaches those diagnosed with cancer, recovering from or want to reduce their risk of cancer.  For more information on Cancer Coaching visit her website

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