2606 agricola st.
halifax NS

Joel and I have been on an amazing journey and a very thrilling ride that started 11 years ago...

Joel and I have been on an amazing journey and a very thrilling ride that started 11 years ago, when we purchased the abandoned Scotiabank building on Agricola and North Streets.

As many know, I lost my business on Barrington Street to Hurricane Juan and needed to come up with a plan. Agricola Street, an unlikely location for a salon, café and art gallery was it, not because I had any desire to be there but because it was cheap.

For the last 11 years, we have had the privilege of working with dozens of amazingly talented people. We have been honored to have each and every one of them on our team.
The last decade has seen the neighbourhood reshaped in many ways. A robust food culture has evolved including EDNA, Agricola St Brasserie, EnVie, Lion & Bright, Hali Deli, Field Guide, Jane’s and others that provide our neighbourhood with choice, unique offerings and new experiences.
Boutiques, galleries, crafters, vintage shops and markets have popped up, making the neighbourhood feel more complete. Local Source, the Carrot Co-op, the Grainery, Mideast Food Center, the Indian Grocery and others offer fresh food, delicious ingredients and local produce.
Now you just have to walk a short distance to find everything you need, every day. You will also discover things you didn’t know you needed but were glad you did.
During our time spent on Agricola, FRED. has grown a lot. We realized that deepening our connections and relationships with our community was instrumental. We have hosted, celebrated, and collaborated in many ways and have been grateful for each and every opportunity.
Recently, we expanded into the US by opening a boutique salon in NYC’s Lower East Side. This expansion has added immensely to our journey as well as adding unimaginable surprises, challenges, outcomes, excitement and joy.

We realize once again change is in the air and we must respond. It is time to shrink in order to grow and that is the path that Joel and I are now on. The abundance of vibrancy and choice has made me realize how important it is for me to go back to what started it all, what I care about the most and what I do best. Beauty.
Hair and beauty is the core of our brand and where I need to sharpen my focus. Our boutique salon in NYC has taken me back to where I started it all- Treka, a small salon on Barrington Street with my dear friend, Cleo Xidos, offering what we were able to do best.
On the 11th year of our 10-year plan, we have decided to close the doors at 2606 Agricola Street and relocate to a more intimate space on Agricola Street with our amazing beauty team, still offering what we do best. Saying goodbye to our café, our amazing FRED. food team and all of our regular guests is hard to do but we know every single one will be cared for by our fantastic neighbours.
On September 26th, our 11th anniversary, we will serve our last meal, our last cupcake and our last coffee! The thought is as terrifying as the day we opened and just as we did then, we feel deeply it is the best thing for us as entrepreneurs, a couple and individuals building other enterprises.
Joel will focus on building his Real Estate career at Royal LePage Atlantic. I will focus on building our brand in NYC, while greeting our clients to a more intimate experience here in Halifax.
FRED. will continue to operate as a salon and art space until we find a suitable owner for our building. It will be business as usual without the delicious menu.
This move will create an amazing opportunity for another enterprise to start or continue their journey as we shift gears and do what is right for us.
To all of our salon clients, you will be well cared for in our new home, just as you have been all along. We will keep you posted but for now, we will continue to offer our expert services at FRED. 2606 Agricola St.

Every time you have walked through our doors, we have been grateful.
We look forward to continue to do business with each and every one of you in a new way.
We love you for helping us along the way.
We thank you deeply.
Very best,
FRED. © 2015, All rights reserved.

2606 Agricola st.
Halifax NS

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