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don't go back to sleep

Busy BeeIt's raining windy torrents in Maine today ~ all the endings and beginnings and in-betweenings blown together in a watery rush. What might happen if we awaken to the movement? Can you draw closer to something divine? Here's what the Sufi poet Rumi suggests:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
      Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
      Don't go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
      where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
      Don't go back to sleep.

Check out what's happening this coming weekend: there are some good reasons to stay awake to the possibilities of new experiences ~ to remember Rumi's suggestion that we "let the beauty we love be what we do."

saturday, september 7, 10am-12pm
12 steps & 8 limbs
the yoga of recovery

...with Liz Leuthner

savasanaDeepen your understanding of the intertwining roots of yoga and recovery, spiritual practices which naturally inform and support each other and have the power to transform ~ with willingness, humility, honesty and an open heart as shared cornerstones. Yoga allows us to try different postures, develop new outlooks, have new experiences, and let go of fears of falling and failing ~ 12-step-based recovery suggests that these attitudes are absolutely essential. This class is an introduction, and if you’ve never taken a yoga class or heard of 12 steps or 8 limbs, you are especially welcome. Don’t worry about it. Just come. We have mats and props. All are welcome ~ bring a friend! This event is part of HopeGateWay's celebration of National Recovery Month. Location: 509 Forest Avenue, Portland.


sunday, september 8, 6-8pm
laugh, restore & chant
release, connect & release some more...

...with Susannah Sanfilippo

Susannah SanfilippoReally looking forward to Susannah Sanfilippo ~ with Francesco Sanfilippo and friends ~ leading an evening of laughter yoga, restorative yoga and kirtan at HopeGateway, 509 Forest Avenue, Portland. Experience the healing art of laughter and then completely relax and restore with live music and chanting. Bring a cushion and a mat if you have them (we have some). All are welcome ~ bring a friend! This event is part of HopeGateWay's celebration of National Recovery Month. Location: 509 Forest Avenue, Portland.

(more) yoga for your calendar!

see you here...and there!

Nama Yoga classes are listed here. And here's a quick run-down: 
  • Tuesdays: all-level yoga @ 9am @ Portland YMCA
  • Tuesdays: recovery yoga/meditation @ 5pm @ PRCC
  • Wednesdays: recovery yoga/meditation @ 5pm @ HopeGateWay
  • Fridays: vinyasa @ 9:30am @ Yogavé
  • (occasional) Mondays: higher power yoga @ 12pm @ Yogavé
  • (alternate) Saturdays: heated vinyasa flow @ 8am Yogavé
  • (some) Wednesdays: Yogavé 12 yoga/meditation @ 7:30pm @ Yogavé

Nama Yoga ~ Liz

Nama Yoga offers classes for recovery and wellness for you in and around Portland, ME.
Check out the Nama Yoga schedule hereYou are welcome ~ always. Don't think about it. Just come.


Wednesdays @ 5pm
185 High Street

Yogave Generosity Yoga

Fridays @ 9:30am

Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
alternating instructor

Saturdays @ 8:00am
alternating instructor

170 US Route 1, Falmouth 

Tuesdays @ 4pm
468 Forest Avenue [map]


Tuesdays @ 9:00 am

Portland YMCA
70 Forest Avenue 

p: 401 829-3831
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