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Week Commencing 16th July

Grain Values & Dairy Protests....... a week where US Corn has hit record highs & UK dairy farmers are on a national protest. The further upside in grain values has to be questioned. After all we have to feed the stuff to something!

Rumours are rife this morning that China, the USA's largest commodity customer, has resold some US corn that hasn't yet been shippedCreating upset within the US markets and limiting the current upside. I don't think this is going to be the tipping point yet...... but crops in the Ukraine look significantly better. There is rain forecast in the US Midwest for next week and UK weather has also started to pick up..... so who knows.
The UK Bio-fuels industry was dealt another blow as Vivergo have now moved their estimated start time back to January 2013, siting "commissioning issues" as the reason, Ensus is apparently primed & readied, but with little sign of action yet. Perhaps both are "waiting for market conditions to suit". Should the US reduce its biofuel mandate, as speculated due to excess corn prices, the world ethanol market would collapse, as would the maize and wheat values.

The drop in farm gate milk values & protests following seem to be creating some positive press, getting national news coverage and celebrity endorsement.  #SOSDairy is trending nationally on twitter and facebook is covered in pictures and posters supporting the cause. I think this is definitely getting through to the general public & is creating the correct image! Fingers crossed it will get the desired result!!! 

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John Charlton

Cereal Seeds

The Current weather is going to make for a very interesting seed time. Currently we have most varietys still avilable, including a small amount of Sequel barley. To discuss your requirments, please give me a call. Russell Sawer. 01642 718280
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Granular Urea values for autumn delivery have firmed up significantly in the last couple of weeks. Granular is now trading at approximately £350/t, with limited interest. This is "expected" to ease again pre-Christmas. Nitram is available for pre-harvest delivery, ING finance is available also on GrowHow products. Imported fertiliser is available for delivery is October, for a limited tonnage for a short period. We also have treated Urea product, making a stepping stone between Urea and Ammonium Nitrate, if you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us on. 01642 718280

After cut fertiliser

Silage time is nearly upon us, therefore "NK" demand is upon us. Of the products avaliable, Growhow have specific high nitrogen & potash products. KayNitro Sulphur, traditional aftercut product, Multicut Sulphur, a high N, high K and phosphate & sulphur containg fertiliser, for use on cutting ground all season. NK Sulphur for use on silage ground in conjunction with slurry or farmyard manure. For more information click on the products above.


Hopefully there is going to be a huge improvement in the weather this weekend, with a change in the gulf stream, increased temperature and reduced precipitation. Hopefully some new crop barley with get cut over the weekend and everyone will be happy!! I thought i would share the weather site with you: www.YR.NO it give's a 14day forcast and is about the most accurate I've found.

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