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July 21, 2016: In the U.S., this is the month we celebrate our country's independence (often with a family picnic including a cold slice of watermelon). This reminds me how grateful I am to be free of my A-Fib. So, this month I celebrate all patients who do NOT settle for a lifetime on meds. Like me, you, too, can beat your A-Fib. Seek Your Cure!. 

As always, your comments and questions are welcome. Email me..--- Your A-Fib Friend, Steve Ryan

"I have paroxysmal A-Fib with “pauses” at the end of an event. With 3-4 Second Pauses, Do I Need a Pacemaker? 
(my cardio doc's idea)"
When You’re Deficient in Magnesium & Potassium.These are the Mg and K products I recommend (and use) along with a great book on magnesium.
Wearables in Healthcare: You can Help Develop A-Fib App to detect if the wearer is in A-Fib. Researchers need your Apple watch or Android wearable data! Read what you can do.
Is It OK to take Krill Oil along with Eliquis? I'm interested in Krill Oil for its natural blood thinning properties.
My Stubborn A-Fib Returns; Marilyn Shook describes her third ablation and her Post-PVA Complication―a cardiac tamponade―an emergency situation!.
What's it cost to be treated by the best EPs in the world, the French Bordeaux Group? David Neth shared the cost of his recent A-Fib catheter ablation (not as much as you think)..
Editorial: Leaving the Patient in A-Fib—No! No! No! His cardiologist just put him on a rate control drug and left him in A-Fib! Read why this is so wrong.
For fun: a GIF animation of this novelty ECG Business Card: Touch both of the card’s scanner pads, and the screen will show a basic ECG readout.
We wrap up our Top 10 List of A-Fib Patients' Best Advice with  
#9: Learn all your treatment options and
#10: Become your own advocate. We quote from actual patients personal  A-Fib stories.

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