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Polypharmacy: A Cautionary Tale of Taking Too Many Prescriptions

August 22, 2018: Some people outgrow their meds. They change their lifestyle (ex. diet, physical activity, and weight loss) and may no longer need a med but they keep taking it, because no one told them to stop.

Learn about asking your doctor or pharmacist for a ‘brown bag review’. Go to post.

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Review: CONTEC Handheld Portable ECG Heart Rate Monitor (PM10): Small, easy to use and carry in a pocket for scans on the go. $79 on can observe the ECG scan live on the screen, but must download the scan to review it or print it. Read full review.
Learning About A-Fib: “A True Experience of Input, Input, Input!” 
Joan S.: “Upon questioning [my new EP]…I didn’t have a warm fuzzy feeling. 
However, I found everything I needed to know when I came across,, and the best support from the A-Fib support group."
See post for more advice.
PVCs Aren’t Always Benign, and He Didn’t Want to Live with Them. Do NOT listen when doctors say PVCs are harmless, writes John Thorton in his A-Fib story. Besides A-Fib and A-Flutter, his PVCs were driving him crazy. Read why PVCs should be taken seriously and why John advises: "Be assertive, even aggressive." Go to post.
"No Way Am I Having an Ablation!" Seeks Alt. Treatments: Saul avoided his A-Fib ‘triggers’, then decided to go vegetarian but eating fish (a pescetarian) to reduce exposure to unhealthy chemicals. While feeling better, his A-Fib was still active. Read what Saul did next.
Possible Sleep Apnea? Oximeter is DIY Way to Check your Blood’s Oxygen Level. As many as 43% of A-Fib patients also suffer with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Use an inexpensive oximeter to check your blood’s oxygen level. Just insert your finger. A reading of 90% or lower means you should talk to your doctor, you may need a sleep study. Go to post.
NEW VIDEO: What Should I Expect After my A-Fib Catheter Ablation? Cardiac EP Dr. Darryl Wells 
talks about judging the success of your ablation, why it’s difficult to predict which patients will be fully cured after one ablation procedure and why some require two procedures. 3:17. Learn more or Watch video
Are Your Herbal Supplements Interacting With Your Medicines? Medicines affected have a ‘narrow therapeutic index’. Warfarin (Coumadin) is one such medicine when taken with certain herbal supplements, such as St. John’s Wort. Learn more about interactions.
Vitamin K―Protection Against Arterial Calcification & Cardiovascular Disease. Most people get just enough Vitamin K from their diets to maintain adequate blood clotting. But NOT enough Vitamin K to protect against arterial calcification & cardiovascular disease. Learn about Vitamin K1 & K2 (MK-4 and MK-7) foods & supplements
Don’t be Fooled by the Numbers in Drug Ads: How You Get to the Absolute Truth. Anytime you hear a benefit size expressed as a percentage, for example, a 50% improvement. Ask yourself 50% for how many patients? 10,000 or 10? Numbers matter. Read my article.
A-Fib Not only Affects You But Also Your Loved Ones: When a patient is diagnosed with A-Fib, family members often struggle to understand what their loved one is going through. Read or download our free 5-page PDF report, ‘Top 10 Questions Families Ask about Atrial Fibrillation’. Learn more.

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