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Sept is A-Fib Awareness Month at A-Fib.comSeptember 23, 2016: It's Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month! Did you know that up to 50% of those with A-Fib don't know they have it? Patients with undiagnosed A-Fib have a 5-times greater risk of stroke.Half of all A-Fib-related strokes are major and disabling.

Show you care: A-Fib is known to run in families. Do you know anyone with A-Fib in the family? If so, ask if their doctor has checked other family members for A-Fib. Refer them to our new Infographic and to to learn more.

Won't you help spread awareness of Atrial Fibrillation? As always, you can Email me--- Your A-Fib Friend, Steve Ryan .

A-Fib Awareness Month at
To celebrate A-Fib Awareness Month, we created a new infographic. See the full graphic here, then help spread the word...Share it, Pin it, Download it.
Personal A-Fib stories at
New: In A-Fib for 15 Years, Eventually Unable to Work
Terry writes how his Paroxysmal A-Fib progressed to Persistent and became debilitating. Read Terry's story..
Pill organizer at
My Search for the Best 7-Day Medicine & Vitamin Organizer
After years of trial and effort, I’ve FINALLY found a great pill organizer. See it here.
The Advisory Board at
Announcing: The Advisory Board  Many EPs have given me invaluable advice and support. This is my way to publicly thank them and acknowledge their continued support.
Exercise and A-Fib at
My Top Articles About Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation
When you develop A-Fib, you have to think seriously about changing your workout routine. Read more.
BCAA+G supplement for A-Fib at
Is the Supplement BCAA+G a Natural Remedy for A-Fib?
Read what Tom Lisak wrote how his A-Fib disappeared after taking  BCAA+G twice a day.
AliveCor Kardia at
Using the AliveCor Kardia or BodiMetrics Heart Monitors?
Are you using the latest AliveCor ‘Kardia Mobile’ heart monitor? Or the BodiMetrics unit? Help me write a review.
New FAQ and answer at
New: Does Ablation Reduce Heart’s Pumping Volume?
Does ablation affect the heart’s blood pumping output potential because of the destruction of cardiac tissue? And if so, how much?
My Best Posts at
Best A-Fib News posts from 2015 on Pinterest. Browse through our hand-picked posts for something missed or want to re-read. Learn more.

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  7. Reduce Your Family’s Risk of Arrhythmia
    “BPA-free” products may not be much safer.
  8. Conflicts of Interest—The Hidden Cost of Free Lunch for Doctors
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