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Declare Your Independence! Seek a Life Free of A-Fib

July 12, 2018: I’ve been A-Fib free since 1998. You can be too! Read my story and other Personal A-Fib Stories of Hope and Courage including:

Larry Stichweh, Lacey, WA, now A-Fib free since a CryoBalloon ablation in 2016 at age 74, he offers this advice: “Success rate diminishes…As your A-Fib becomes more persistent, the lower your success rate of a permanent cure. Don’t delay too long.” 

Moni Minhas, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, writes about his wife Rani’s A-Fib experience, and shares this insight: “Good health is the best gift we can have. If you have A-Fib (or any health issues), be aggressive and proactive in seeking treatment and advice.”

Read my story along with other Personal A-Fib Stories of Hope and Courageand remember, always 'Aim for a Cure'!  

As always, I welcome your email, Your A-Fib friend....Steve Ryan

Wondering if you Should Consider a Cox Maze or Mini-Maze for your A-Fib? What are your options when drugs aren’t working or you can’t tolerate them?  And you want to cure your A-Fib, not just manage it? There are several specific times in which you might consider a Maze vs.catheter ablation. 
Learn more.
A Tale of Two Ablations and Why All EPs Are Not Equal: I received 2 OR reports and an email from Louis. In 2014 he had a successful catheter ablation in Chicago, but after re-locating to a distant state needed a second ablation. Selecting a new and qualified EP, this ablation was a failure. 
Read how and why.
FREE REPORT: How to Read Your Operating Room Report: In our 12-page Special Report, we examine an actual O.R. report. I’ve annotated and translated every technical phrase or concept for you. Learn more and download my report.
Which Comes First: Sleep Apnea or Atrial Fibrillation? 85% of Sleep Apnea cases go undiagnosed. New research has found  “the association between oxygen desaturation and A-Fib remains significant, suggesting that OSA can directly cause A-Fib.” Read what A-Fib patients need to know.
Daniel Shares About A-Fib: “I Have Gotten a Lot of Bad Advice From Various GPs:"  ‘Just take a little digoxin and you will be fine.’ • ‘I think that all of these tests your EP is requesting are just a waste of money.’ Read how Daniel educated himself and is now A-Fib-free..
Guide to DIY Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) & ECG Monitors. Want to monitor your heart rate and pulse when exercising or performing physically demanding tasks (i.e., mowing the lawn, etc.)? I cover popular consumer ‘DIY” HRMs and handheld ECG monitors. To learn more, go to my Guide.
Revised Article: Warfarin vs. Pradaxa and the Other New Anticoagulants (NOACs). In May 2018, the FDA approval the reversal agent, Andexxa, for the NOACs Xarelto and Eliquis. Beyond an update, we ended up revising our entire article. Read the NOACs article update.
The Impact of Race on Stroke Risk Among A-Fib Patients: While African Americans have a lower risk of getting A-Fib than whites, a new study has found blacks are at increased risk of ischemic stroke...even before they know they have a heart-rhythm problem. Learn more.
Hiker Offers Insights About High Altitude and A-FibAfter reading our post, "How Does High Altitude Affect A-Fib?, Michele Straube, cured of her A-Fib and an active hiker, shares this story: "My family climbed Kilimanjaro taking a longer route so we had time to base camp (15,580′) my heart was no longer in NSR, more

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