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February 2016:  Be Sweet to the Hearts in Your Life.
In the US, it's National Heart Month. Get your familiy involved; Download a copy of our FREE Report: “Top 10 Questions Families Ask about A-Fib” Talk about your symptoms, ask for their support. Then answer their questions.

Planning the 2nd Edition of Beat Your A-Fib: We are looking for new Personal Experience A-Fib stories to share in the next edition of our book. You don't have to be 'cured', just actively pursuing your best outcome. Interested? Questions? Email Patti at
---As always, Your A-Fib Friend, Steve Ryan

My 2015 Top Five List: Advancements in the Treatment of A-Fib.
Looking back over 2015, I found five significant developments. Support Volunteers offer one-to-one peer counseling
Curing Long-Standing Persistent A-Fib: Key is Ablating the Left Atrial Appendage 
L.S. Persistent A-Fib is the hardest to cure; BELIEF Trial: Ablation with LAA isolation improved long-term freedom from A-Fib. 
Very Active 54-Year Old Became His Own Patient Advocate; Chose Ablation as 1st-Line Treatment. You do not have to spend months or years trying different drugs to control or stop your A-Fib.
An Ablation and Watchman Combo? 
Why might you want a Watchman installed at the same time as your ablation; 5-years of ‘real world’ data and insights from Australia'.
6 New Reports: 2016 AF Symposium.
Read my summaries written just for patients for the most recent advances in A-Fib treatments.
Blizzard of 2016 Increases Risk of A-Fib Stroke Read why the risk for an ischemic stroke was nearly 20% higher in winter.
Our Top 3 Sources for Reliable, Unbiased Info on Vitamins and Supplements 
Our favorites (and from sites not trying to sell you something).
Email: With Silent A-Fib: When Should I Call My Doctor or Visit the ER? Anyone with Silent A-Fib (or any type of A-Fib) should develop an A-Fib Action Plan.
What monitors will tell me how often I'm in A-Fib? Or how long my episodes last? For DIY consumer or sports monitors, see my report: Consumer (DIY) Heart Rate Monitors 

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  3. FREE Report: “Top 10 Questions Families Ask about A-Fib” 
  4. Personal A-Fib Story: “Do NOT listen when doctors say PVCs are harmless!"
  5. Largest Glossary of A-Fib Medical Terms
  6. WARNING: If you join A-Fib Online Discussion Groups
  7. VIDEO: Dr. Carolyn Dean Discusses Mg Deficiency 
  8. HON Certified (Again) 
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