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To the Doctors Who Help Us Tame 'That Demon A-Fib-Zebub': Thanks!

November 16, 2016:
In the U.S., this is the month we gather to give thanks for all our the blessings. At we want to thank all the doctors on our Board of Advisors who help us bring you accurate, cutting-edge A-Fib treatment information. We couldn't publish without their help and counsel. (You might want to thank your doctors next time you see them.)

P.S. 'That Demon A-Fib-Zebub' is that little voice that’s whispers in your ear “You don’t look sick! A-Fib’s not that bad. You can live with it”. Don't listen to it. Instead, seek encouragement from our Personal A-Fib stories of Hope. Learn how others are dealing with this demon we call 'Atrial Fibrillation' Seek your cure! 

As always, I welcome your emails. Your A-Fib Friend, Steve Ryan 

The Advisory Board at
She’s 21, in A-Fib with Meager Treatment It’s heart breaking when a young person has debilitating A-Fib, and who lives in a region with so little treatment to offer her. Can you help?
Pill organizer at
Update: ICE Numbers in Cell Phones are No Longer a Useful Solution: Many ‘smart’ cell phones require a passcode to unlock. 
Learn what to do.
AliveCor Kardia at
About Warfarin Therapy, Associated Risks, Alternatives  My top 5 articles about Warfarin, by far the most commonly used medicine for stroke prevention. Read more.
BCAA+G supplement for A-Fib at
When Snoring Can Be Lethal: At least 43% of patients with A-Fib suffer with Sleep Apnea. Untreated it can cause many serious health threats. Learn why you may need to be tested.
Personal A-Fib stories at
‘Magic Pill’ Improves by 34% your chances of living a long, healthy life—a mineral naturally present in many foods. Learn more.
A-Fib Awareness Month at
An extensive review of the AliveCor Kardia by Travis Van Slooten: As someone that battled a-fib for 8½ years prior to having a successful ablation, the Kardia Mobile heart monitor really helped and gave me peace of mind.
Continue to review...
Exercise and A-Fib at
The Watchman Device: My Top 5 Articles: An alternative to taking blood thinners―closing off your Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) with the Watchman™, an occlusion device.
New FAQ and answer at
Frustrated, Crosses Canadian Border for Treatment: It took a lot of proactive action and aggressive approach to get proper help (in the end not the proper treatment). Continue...
My Best Posts at
Taking Supplements? How to Time Your Daily Doses: “Should I take them at the same time each day? Or should I spread doses throughout the day? Read & learn more.

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