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October 2015:  Big news: Medical technology giant Medtronic has acquired CardioInsight Technologies, developer of the ECVUE mapping and ablation CardioInsight ECGI vestsystem. The new Noninvasive Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) system uses a vest-like device which a patient wears to image the inside of the heart and to pinpoint sites in the heart producing A-Fib signals.

Most of the trials have been in Europe. We can only hope the purchase of CardioInsight will fast-track its use in the US. For more on ECGI see my report: AFACART Clinical Trial: Preliminary Results of the CardioInsight—ECVUE System in Multiple Centers

I welcome your comments and questions. Email me! -Your A-Fib Friend, Steve Ryan.

Resveratrol Reduces A-Fib Episodes in Animal Studies 
Occurs naturally in red wine, red grape skins, mulberries, peanuts, some Chinese herbs. Learn more.

31st Annual Report: No Deaths from Vitamin Supplements
Absolutely zero! Wish prescription meds had the same excellent safety record.

A-Fib Non-PV Triggers Predict Need for Multiple Ablations
You need an EP willing to do more than just isolate your PVs, who'll find and ablate non-PV triggers such as at the ligament of Marshall.

Marilyn Shook Updates Her 2008 A-Fib Story
Seven years free of A-Fib, but she had some weird heart beats. An implantable cardiac monitor identified...

Clinical Trials Results: Watchman Better Than a Lifetime on Warfarin 
Long-term anticoagulant use is inherently dangerous and can cause brain microbleeds and lead to dementia.

FDA: Pradaxa Reversal Agent Granted 'Accelerated Approval'
Patients on Pradaxa have been bleeding to death in the ER while doctors were powerless to stop their bleeding.

50-year Trends in Atrial Fibrillation: More A-Fib but Less Stroke
Silent (no symptoms) A-Fib has emerged as a major killer. Of those who suffer a stroke, 20% later discover that they had silent A-Fib.

Case Studies: Testosterone Cures A-Fib in Aging Men
Testosterone has been shown to be low in men with lone A-Fib. Support Volunteers offer one-to-one peer counseling

Our A-Fib Support Volunteers--Just an Email Away
We are blessed to have many generous people who have volunteered to help others get through their A-Fib ordeal.  Learn more.

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