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August 24, 2016: Whether you’re shopping for your kids or grand-kids, did you know you can shop and support at the same time? How? Just shop online at using the Amazon portal link.

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My Top 7 Picks: Books for A-Fib Patients and Their Families Our favorite reference books. Beside A-Fibs, learn about magnesium and other minerals, patient advocacy, Big Pharma, how to decipher medical statistics, and more.
New Story: A-Fib, Prayer and Healing 
Do you believe in the power of prayer? Jon wrote us. "I asked the pastors of my church to pray for me, that God would heal me...Read more.
A-Fib Patient Advocate, Steve Ryan, will speak to cardiologists & surgeons at the Hybrid Surgery/Ablation Arrhythmia Meeting Sept. 15-16 in Zurich, Switzerland.
INFO GFX: How A-Fib Damages Your Heart, Brain and Other Organs; A-Fib is a progressive disease. And why not to just ‘live with Atrial Fibrillation”:
My Top 5 Picks—DIY Heart Rate & Handheld ECG Monitors For A-Fib patients who want to monitor their heart rate when exercising or when performing physically demanding tasks. Full Amazon list.
Reduce Your Family’s Risk of Arrhythmia
“BPA-free” products may not be much safer because the replacement compounds may be just as bad. Don’t heat food in plastic containers or use plastic bottles. Use glass or ceramic. Read why.
Don’t Take Any Medication Without Asking These 10 Questions Includes a FREE .PDF worksheet to download and print. Take worksheets when ever you see your doctor. File for later use.
New: A reader asked my opinion. Which A-Fib Procedure Has the Best Success Rate? Read my answer and why the best cure rate isn’t the only criteria you should consider.
Conflicts of Interest—The Hidden Cost of Free Lunch for Doctors Even doctors who accepted only one free meal were more likely to prescribe the brand name drug rather than the cheaper generic.Be suspicious if your doctor tells you...Read more.

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  5. Editorial: Leaving the Patient in A-Fib—No! No! No!! Read why this is so wrong.
  6. My Stubborn A-Fib Returns; Marilyn Shook describes her third ablation and her Post-PVA Complication―a cardiac tamponade.
  7. For fun: a GIF animation of this novelty ECG Business Card
  8. Wearables in Healthcare: You can Help Develop A-Fib App 
  9. #9 and #10:A-Fib Patients' Best Advice Top 10 List with  
    quotes from patients.
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