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A-Fib Awareness Month: The Threat of ‘Silent A-Fib’

September 21, 2018: This month we focus on reaching those who may have Atrial Fibrillation and don’t know it. ‘Silent A-Fib’ is a serious public health problem.

About 30%–50% of those with A-Fib are walking around not knowing they have it. Untreated, about 35% will suffer a stroke (half of all A-Fib-related strokes are major and disabling).

How You Can Help: offers an infographic to educate and inform the public about this healthcare issue. Post it. Pin it. Pass it on. See the infographic here

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P.S. Read how Kevin Sullivan, age 46, learned about his Silent A-Fib when seeking high cholesterol meds: “I went to see a cardiologist. They looked at my heart with ultrasound and asked if I could feel “that.” Go to his A-Fib story.

Get Support: A-Fib Wreaks Havoc with Your Head as Well as Your Heart: Anxiety, fear, worry, confusion, frustration, depression and anger. Beware: research indicates that “psychological distress” worsens the severity of A-Fib symptoms. Get advice from patients (and a spouse) now free from the burden of Atrial Fibrillation.
Build Your ‘Dream Team’ to Seek Your A-Fib Cure (or Best Outcome for You)You don’t beat A-Fib on your own―your ‘Dream Team’ will be unique, based on your age, symptoms and other medical conditions. Beyond a GP and EP, you may recruit specialists in sleep apnea and nutrition, chiropractor; yoga and acupuncture, too. Learn to build a team.
Updated Article: Guide to DIY Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) & Handheld ECG Monitors: New chest bands, wristwatches sets and Bluetooth versions. Plus wearable tech―workout clothes that have the sensors built-in. Don’t confuse 
DIY or consumer heart rate monitors with fitness bands like Fitbit 
or sport watches. Go to the updated article.
Apple Watch 4: ECG Readings and A-Fib Patients.The 2nd generation optical heart-rate monitors can detect changes in the patterns of a person’s heart rate such as too fast, too slow, or beating irregularly—signifying A-Fib. Does this give a False Sense of SecurityDr. H. Bhargava weighs in. 
Diet and Nutrition: ‘The China Study’ and Other Diet Plans With Dr. Joseph Mercola  Jam-packed and up-to-date for those wanting to improve current and long-term health thru diet and nutrition. 
Natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Denise Minger, most noted for her rebuttal of “The China Study”. See the list of topics covered.
A-Fib Patients: Participate in On-Line Research Survey on Anxiety and A-Fib. Doctoral student Sevinc E. Uzumcu is studying the anxiety and depression often associated with A-Fib. The survey only takes about 7 minutes and is anonymous. To participate, go to the survey “Invitation” 
only until Sept 30th.
Has My A-Fib Returned? I Get an Insertable Wireless MonitorRecently one of my GPs detected an irregular heart beat. My EP didn’t find A-Fib (thank goodness), but wanted to implant a tiny wireless heart monitor. As an outpatient, this minimally invasive procedure took the doctor about 2 minutes. No pain, Read more.
Drugs Don’t Cure Atrial Fibrillation But Merely Keep it at Bay: Antiarrhythmic drugs are only effective for about 40% of patient. Many can’t tolerate the bad side effects.The goal should be to end your A-Fib episodes, not manage them. Learn from patients now free from the burden of A-Fib.
How Big Pharma Issues Misleading News and Why it Matters: TV and print ads and news releases by drug companies often include misleading statements. Use a critical eye when considering any health benefit claim. Learn from this Xarelto News Release and, an online watchdog group. Go to review.

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