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PODCAST 2: What Do You REALLY Pay to Continue Living with Atrial Fibrillation?

May 23, 2018:  What does A-Fib REALLY cost you? To you physically? To your Quality of Life (QoL)? And to your pocketbook? That’s the topic of this podcast between Steve and our friend, Travis Van Slooten, publisher of (About 28 min. in length.)

There are two kinds of costs to living with atrial fibrillation: financial and quality of life costs. The cost of both are very high! LISTEN NOW to our 2nd podcast.

As always, I welcome your email, Your A-Fib friend....Steve Ryan

FDA Approves Reversal Agent, Andexxa, for the NOACs Xarelto and Eliquis. In the U.S. alone in 2016, there were nearly 2,000 factor Xa inhibitor bleeding-related deaths per month. With more choices, should you switch from Pradaxa? Learn more.
Got A-Fib? You’re Almost Certainly Mg Deficient Magnesium deficiency is central to creating conditions in the heart that cause A-Fib. Magnesium used to be plentiful in fruits, vegetable and grains, but industrial-scale farming have stripped the soil of minerals like magnesium. Learn how to supplement Mg.
Catheter Ablation vs. Amiodarone Drug Therapy in Heart Failure Patients with A-Fib A multicenter worldwide randomized trial, found that catheter ablation is superior to amiodarone drug therapy in achieving freedom from A-Fib long-term; Also improved mortality, increased exercise capacity and Quality of Life (QofL) Read why this study is significant.
Anticoagulants Increase Risk of Hemorrhagic-Type Strokes as Well. While Ischemic stroke is most common among A-Fib patients, hemorrhagic strokes are responsible for about 40 percent of all stroke deaths. Read what this means to you.
Don’t Believe Everything You’re Told About A-Fib
Advice from patients now free from the burden of A-Fib: “ [Don't] make the same mistakes…I endured several years of unnecessary suffering by accepting an opinion of one specialist who said I would have to live in A-Fib" Warren Welsh. Read more advice.
See an A-Fib Expert Right Away—a Heart Rhythm Specialist  Michele Straube, cured after 30 years in A-Fib, wrote in her personal A-Fib story: “Go to an electrophysiologist, an A-Fib expert, right away, one with a high success rate at getting patients back into normal rhythm—you deserve nothing less.” How to Find the Best Doctor for You.
A-Fib Produces More Ischemic Strokes, Despite Improvements in Prevention. A study of 930,000 stroke patients found that 20% of acute ischemic stroke patients had A-Fib in 2014, up from 16% in 2003. Nearly 10% of A-Fib stroke patients died, compared to about 6% for those without A-Fib. Learn more.
PODCAST: Marijuana—Good, Bad or Ugly for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation? With marijuana legal in a growing number of U.S. states, Steve shares the latest about marijuana use by A-Fib patients. (18 min. in length.) LISTEN now.
Resources & Links: Steve's recommended A-Fib Books and References for patients and their families. Educate yourself and expand your knowledge of A-Fib. The entire list is also on with a short description of each. Use our portal link and help support (at no added cost to you).Go to books on  Amazon.

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