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PODCAST: 15 Ways to Manage the Fear & Anxiety of Atrial Fibrillation

June 20, 2018:  A-Fib is often accompanied by an emotional component---fear, anxiety and stress. That’s the topic I discuss with our friend, Travis Van Slooten, publisher of (37 min.) .

Bonus: We've posted a list of the 15 ways with hotlinks to many articles on our site. Listen or read the transcript

As always, I welcome your email, Your A-Fib friend....Steve Ryan

Update to Sandy’s Story (2014): No A-Fib and undiagnosed Sleep Apnea. It’s a miracle that Sandy lasted 12 years in Paroxysmal A-Fib without going into permanent (persistent) A-Fib. (Read her A-Fib story) Still A-Fib free today, read her update.
Does Size Matter? What’s the Size of Your Left Atrium?.
Read about the dangers of an enlarged left atrium. Why to ask your doctor for the size of your left atrium and if it's enlarged.See TABLE to rank your LA size..
Podcast: The Double Whammy? Sleep Apnea and A-Fib. Learn how anyone can develop OSA and why it’s so important to have a sleep study if you have A-Fib. Read the transcript or Listen Now.
For a Life Free of A-Fib—Make Things Happen. Advice from patients now A-Fib free.Tony H.: "Ask Questions: None are stupid. This is YOUR heart. This is YOUR life. Learn as much as you can.” Joan S. "Don’t be afraid to fire your doctor, and be your own advocate.” Read more.
How Does High Altitude Affect Atrial Fibrillation? Two readers emailed me about hiking in the mountains. At very high altitude (9000+ feet), oxygen levels are 40%-45% less dense, heart rate speeds up, increased adrenaline circulates. Read more.
Aim to Stop Your A-Fib Episodes Not Just Control Them. The goal of today’s A-Fib treatment guidelines is to get A-Fib patients back into normal sinus rhythm (NSR). Don’t let your doctor leave you in A-Fib. Learn how.
Try Magnesium Oil to Raise Your Level. Topical magnesium oil doesn’t cause loose bowels like oral tablets can. Read tips to increase absorption, e.g. varying the location of application, and more.
Catheter Ablation vs Surgery For A-Fib: Finally a head-to-head.comparison. The SCALAF study is the first randomized control trial of patients with symptomatic A-Fib. Read the very important results: Effiecacy, safety and hospitalization rates.
MESA Preliminary Research―Depression Linked to A-Fib. Individuals taking anti-depressants had a 36% increased risk of developing A-Fib compared to those not taking the drugs. Is depression a comorbidity? Read more.

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