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BCAA+G supplement for A-Fib at
Updated: Sleep Apnea Home Testing: At a fraction of the cost of an in-lab test. there are several FDA-approved sleep study devices for home use. Read the updated report.
Pill organizer at
Book Review: Bad Pharma—How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors & Harm Patients. Learn truths about medical academia, FDA, and medical journals. How they con us into being life-long drug customers. Read.
The Advisory Board at
Joe's Story: A-Fib Becomes Persistent After Infection: Joe develped A-Fib when he had a urinary tract infection with 104° temp. He recovered with antibiotics but the A-Fib stayed. Read more.
Personal A-Fib stories at
How Drinking Too Little Can Trigger Your A-Fib: Too little alcohol? Juice? No, just plain ol’ water. Your risk of dehydration isn’t just from sweating during exercise. Learn how.
New FAQ and answer at
UpdatedGuide to DIY Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) with new and revised content. DIY HRMs can be helpful to A-Fib patients. Plus another consumer ECG monitor to our reviews. Go to updated Guide.
Exercise and A-Fib at
Do You ‘Like’ Your Doctor, Do You ‘Connect’? Research stuidies indicate if you do you’re more likely to ask questions and follow their advice. When being the best in their field isn't good enough, learn when to fire your doctor.

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