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Dear <<First Name>>, HON Certified: 'Health Information You Can Trust' HON certified 2017-2018March 10, 2017:The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) Code of Conduct helps protect citizens from misleading health information. The voluntary program sets out a standardized criterion of eight principles of good practice for health information web sites. Each applicant is checked for compliance by a review committee including medical professionals.

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New A-Fib Video Added: An Impulse That’s Lost its Way. A more 'medical' account of the mechanism and effects of A-Fib (initiating triggers, abnormal substrate, electrical and structural remodeling, etc.). Animated with narration. (3:24) See video.
Exercise and A-Fib at
New Research into Alcohol & A-Fib:
Benefits of alcohol do not extend to the electrical parts of the heart, or heartbeat. 
Read weekly recommendations for those with irregular heartbeat. Read more.
The Advisory Board at
Atrial Flutter and Atrial Fibrillation…are they linked? Does one precede the other? Can one procedure fix both? Can Maze surgery or Mini-maze surgery fix both? Learn more.
Personal A-Fib stories at
Do Ablations Only Treat A-Fib Symptoms and Not a “Cure”?  I take flecainide which stops all my A-Fib symptoms & no side effects, isn’t that a ‘cure?’” My answer: A successful catheter ablation does more, it  physically changes your heart. Read more.
Personal A-Fib stories at
Print high-quality image of the Heart’s Electrical System. Use to talk with your doctor about the workings of your heart. Make notes on the picture. Print your copy
Personal A-Fib stories at
How to Write Your Personal A-Fib Medical Summary: There is growing momentum to encourage consumers to take another health-related step: to maintain their own health records. Learn why and how.
Exercise and A-Fib at
3 New Reports: Read about advances in Genetic A-Fib, learn about direct visualization of the P. Veins with the CardioFocus Laser Balloon Catheter and check out 2 Occlusion Devices for the Left Atrial Appendage.
Exercise and A-Fib at
Rejects Drug Therapy; Becomes His Own Patient Advocate: 
Tony writes: "Suddenly, I no longer have that “healthy as a horse” attitude. Instead I was on my way to the pharmacy, being chauffeured by my wife," Read Tony's journey to be free of A-Fib
The Advisory Board at
Summary Report: Live Ablation using Non-Contact Ultrasound Basket Catheter: The 'non-contact’ basket catheter can float freely in the left atrium to map the heart without surface contact. Read my AF Symposium report.

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