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Are you on warfarin or aspirin, or anticoagulation therapy? Read our recent posts about developing dementia, stroke risk and changing guidelines.  If considering an ablation, there's some interesting research findings you should check out. I also had some interesting emails from readers (see below).

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Steve Ryan, your A-Fib Friend

Warfarin + Aspirin = Increased Risk of Dementia. Why you can no longer afford to routinely take both!

Considering a Cryo Balloon Ablation? When CryoBalloon and RF ablation techniques are combined, do success rates increase?

New A-Fib Guidelines: Ditch the Aspirin for Stroke Prevention. Why taking an aspirin isn’t like taking a vitamin.

A-Fib Patients: Is Stress Really Bad For You? Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal, PhD, has challenged the conventional view.

NEW REPORT: Persistent A-Fib: Dr. Jais' Ablation Research Uses ECGI Clues to Anticipate Additional Locations of Non-PV A-Fib Signals.

Reader Email: "My primary care doctor was ignorant about heart rhythm specialists (EPs)! How prevalent is this?

With a Stroke Risk Score of 1—Do You Really Need an Anticoagulate? All cause bleeding and are inherently dangerous.

Are There Benefits From a Failed Catheter Ablation? Yes! Catheter Ablation Side-Benefits Improves Your Heart’s Pumping Ability.

Other recent articles posted on News Blog

  1. New FAQs: Is Having an Ablation Better Than Living in Paroxysmal A-Fib? "Can I take CoQ10 while on Eliquis?"
  2. Reader Email: Her doctor said "You're exaggerating your A-Fib symptoms." Read my response (and suggestion she change her doctor).
  3. Article: FDA Approves New Novel Anticoagulant Edoxaban. How does it compare to the other NOACs? To warfarin (Coumadin)? Read my post.
  4. FREE DOWNLOADS: AHA Partnering in Your Treatment: Pre-visit Appointment Worksheet; Sample Letter to Request Your Medical Records.
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