Jan 13th APAP Showcase; Munisteri and Noam Pikelny at Jalopy; APAP Butler/Bernstein NYE; and EarRegulars APAP and Punch Bros!

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Hello friends. A quick note to let you know about upcoming gigs, and 3 performances I'll be participating in during APAP - each featuring a different side of my musical life, and concluding with my own showcase at The Cornelia St Cafe, Monday Jan 13th at 10:30.

The pic above shows Henry Bulter and Steven Bernstein's Hot 9 at Lincoln Center this summer. We will be playing The Jazz Standard from Dec 31st to Jan 5th, and then an APAP showcase at 7pm on Sat Jan 11th at Rockwood Music Hall. T
ry to get there early in the night - before the piano is reduced to a pile of sawdust and kindling.

Munisteri & Pikelny
Jalopy, Brooklyn
One thing I've really enjoyed about the current Brooklyn Renaissance (you can't toss a banjo in this 'burg without beaning some Young Wizard Of The Strings) is that, from time to time, I get to bump into Noam Pikelny. This is always happy news; he's good company - funny, smart, and a decidedly decent fellow. But now that we've actually been rehearsing, I've discovered that he's also a very, very, very, good banjo player. Like, very.
MON DEC 30th 9:00, The Bowery Ballroom
Tamar Korn and I were honored to have been asked by The Punch Brothers to open for them. We decided to enlist the mighty Jon Kellso and The EarRegulars to summon the full monty of smoking hot jazz to this New Years' Eve's Eve.

SUN JAN 12th 8-11PM
APAP & The EarRegulars
The Ear Inn (326 Spring St, Manhattan)
APAP attendees, here's your chance to experience for yourselves what jazz cognoscenti the world over have discovered over the past few years: That a Sunday night at The Ear Inn is the very best place to hear the current vanguard of Hot Jazz players. If you crave forward thinking, and mature mastery, individuality and creative fire - PLUS jazz rooted in the 1920's-30's - this is IT. You CAN have it all.
MON JAN 13th 10:15
Matt APAP Showcase
Cornelia St Cafe

YES! I will be attending the APAP conference this year, and I'm really looking forward to this public-and-industry show. Let me tell you, coming right on the heels of a weekend filled with sidemanning and general hubbub and hobnobbery, I will be properly revved up for settin' the woods on fire!

Spring 2014 will see the release of several CDs I recently played on. Look for new releases from the great Catherine Russell (World Village), Curtis Stigers (Concord), and Henry Butler and Steven Bernstein (Impulse)
, with new CDs at te end of the year.