by the banks of te Statlew huckleberries salmonberries gooseberries grew!
 Dear Community, we are proud to announce:

The Creek Forum

November 5th, 2013
Continuing the work of the St. George Rainway Project, The Creek Stewards (students from Mount Pleasant Elementary) will lead a day of activities designed to inform and inspire engagement with place-making, specifically around the “headwaters” of the Rainway (Kingsway and St. George st). This event reflects and celebrates over a year of work the students have undertaken to meet their community enhancement goals.

Through map making, design charrettes, needs assessment surveys and games, The Creek Stewards are helping to synthesize a story about how the Rainway contributes to Vancouver’s Greenest City goals. 

Thanks to our partners at Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society and our supporters at Odyssey, Kivan Boys and Girls Club, Destination Auto, Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, The Native Education College, Vancouver Child and Family Services Society and City Studio.

This would not have been possible without the phenomenal partnership and support of Mount Pleasant Elementary School.  

What role do we as citizens and tax payers play
in influencing the story and development of the place we call home?
Please save the date and join us in exploring the question!

November 5th   
***   10:00 am - 2:00 pm ***
Kingsway & St. George (Robson Park)
the headwaters of te Statlew, the little creek now known as the
St. George Rainway

Burbling forward,

Naomi Steinberg
on behalf of The Rainway, and The Creek Stewards
For more information:

ps: look for a “needs assessment survey” coming your way!

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A short walk from the Salish Sea
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