Let the popcorn games begin!

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Let The Popcorn Games Begin!

How do you sell popcorn?

The video below is a great resource for both boys and parents.  Your friends, neighbors and family want to support your son, they just have to be asked. 

Parents can obviously ask their friends and take the popcorn form to work, but you want to involve your son in the process.  Make sure they do their part and have something invested in the operation.  One parent has the Scout come to the workplace dressed in Class A's just like they were going to the neighbors house.  
Start with your neighbors.  Have your son wear his uniform and have him knock on the door and ask if they can help support their Pack.  Follow the simple script in the video above.  It won’t take long to talk to every neighbor.  If they decide they don’t want any popcorn, have your son suggest a $30 or $50 military donation.

Also, this is an awesome video meant just for parents.  If you attended the Pack meeting you probably saw this.  If not, take a look.

This is another great video highlighting the Trails-End products – the finest in the business -

Why We Sell Popcorn

Popcorn allows our Scouts to go to camp. 
It pays for the Pack awards. 
It allows us to have more fun without charging dues or asking parents for additional money. 
It also helps the council to provide support and guidance to local units. 
Boys also learn a lot.  They learn sales skills, how to speak to adults, money and organizational skills.  Selling popcorn is much more than just raising money and earning prizes, it is about teaching life lessons. They can also earn money for summer camp!

Awesome Grand Prizes

The Pack is offering several cool grand prizes for the top sellers.  The prizes include a gaming system, tents, fishing gear, sleeping bag and maybe a few other surprises.

There are several prizes offered by the Council that boys can earn as they move up the sales levels.  A list can be found here.

Setting Goals

Help your boy set sales goals.  The ultimate goal is to fill up the sheet which usually equates to approx. $600 in sales. 

The first goal can be $250, second goal $450 and third goal $600.  The prizes help motivate the boys, but planning is essential.  Probably the most effective prize is the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of their leader.  (Oh yeah, and the ability to earn their way to summer camp!)

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