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Transitioning from petrol to pedals

My second car is a Cargo e-bike!

‘My second car is a cargo bike’ would make a great bumper sticker.  The cost of running a second car can be quite onerous.  Insurance, fuel, servicing and repairs are the ongoing costs that can eat into the bank account long after the cost of purchase has been covered.
In this case our customer’s first car is a cargo e-quiped bike with a Rev conversion complete with a long range high power battery in a custom sliding cradle that locks securely into place while enabling it to be easily removed for charging away from the bike. This bike can cover a minimum of 85km in distance and at a quick pace.
Cargo bikes are a great option for so many of the usual trips that individuals and families do like shopping which can be a bore and a chore turning it into a chance to cruise the trails and stretch the legs.
Carting bags of groceries and transporting the kids can be heavy work when the only power is your legs but with a rev conversion the task is made much easier.
There are many types of 2 and 3 wheeled cargo bikes that are suitable for a Rev conversion so why not consider losing that second car and gaining the freedom to ride again?


Power to the pedals!

Fitting into tight spaces

For those that want to travel long distances on the one charge, want a high powered battery or find that standard batteries don’t fit the frame of their bike, we have an answer. Using the latest chemistry of lithium batteries, we can create a battery to fit almost any shape, space and range.  We will even squeeze it into the tightest of budgets too.
A 48volt 20amphour battery using the NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) chemistry can weigh as little a 5kg, power a 1000watt motor at full speed and take the rider at least 65kms in distance, even further if you ride in reasonably flat terrain. We judge our battery ranges on the hilly terrain here in Warrandyte so you can rest assured that we speak minimums not the ‘up to’ range inflations that so many advertisements spruik from others.
So if you want to ride all day or hide the battery in a little nook on your favourite ride, why not give us a call, email or message on facebook and let us provide a solution to meet your needs.

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Simple solution to keep your brakes on...

Sensors save hydraulics

Although we have had these awhile now, some of our customers have thought it necessary to discard their fancy hydraulic disc brake setup to fit a cutoff brake lever.  Hydraulic brakes are great and now you can keep them and just add a brake sensor to the lever unit to give you the safety of cutting power to the motor and for those with regen enabled kits, the ability to ‘engine brake’ too.
We are passionate about what we do. We ride, we build, we investigate and test, we are involved in the greater electric vehicle community and we aim to provide the best customer experience possible. Come have a chat and see how we can get you riding again.

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