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How do we help move the e-bike industry forward..?

We need more trained e-bike mechanics!

REV-BIKES is turning 5yo this month! 
So it's time to start school.. 
Electric Bike Mechanic'skool to be exact B-)
We want to share our trade, to help develop the entire industry.. What a REVolution!
We are currently developing a 6 day intensive training course that will be delivered later this year and throughout next year, at various locations across Australia.  Strictly limited positions will be available.
If you are interested in gaining the skills to build, service &/or repair e-bikes from your home workshop / business / mobile workshop, and also walk away from the course with your very own custom quality e-bike (BUILT BY YOU!), all for less than the cost of a regular e-bike (!!!) then this could be a fantastic turning point in your life.
TAKE CHARGE of your future, ROLLING AT YOUR OWN PACE, with flexible AMP'd HOURS. Be your own boss, with the support of REV's high-POWER technicians. Get CHARGED by the exciting trends towards ELECTRIC powered mobility.
If this opportunity suits your CURRENT situation or your aspirations, then WATT more could you want than a high-VOLTAGE career, giving people in your CIRCUIT healthier and more sustainable tranSPORT options ?? ;-) 
More details coming soon..  Or please email to express your interest.

Leading the Charge!

Focus on Battery Life...

REV's Charging R&D

As part of recent R&D, we have discovered that standard industry practice for charging Lithium Ion cells inside e-bike packs is less than ideal.  We want to share this information with you not to scare you, but to let you know how we are helping our customers get the most from their e-bike batteries.
A bit of tech talk.. Inside each battery pack is a series of smaller cells, called 18650's (18mm wide x 65mm long), they look a bit like AA's, many types available.  In an e-bike pack, there will generally be 3, 4 or 5 cells in parallel to give the capacity in Ah (amp hours), as each cell is only between 2 and 3.5Ah each (so 4 x 2.5Ah cells make a 10AH pack).  The nominal voltage of each cell is 3.7v, so putting 10 of these paralleled blocks in series will give you the 36v pack (37v to be exact).
Most of the e-bike industry charge these cells to 4.2v each (ie, a 36v battery would charge to 42v).  But there is clear evidence stating that by charging the cell to only 4.1v rather than 4.2v can DOUBLE lifespan of the cell!  They do this in electric cars, explaining why they get so much more life from those packs.
We think that difference is significant enough to have commissioned the production of lower voltage chargers and special BMS's (which will accommodate balancing at a lower voltage).  We will be doing further testing with these, and once we're fully confident, ALL our packs will contain this longer-life set-up for no extra cost :)
The only packs IN AUSTRALIA with this set-up right now are our new higher-capacity version of the 36v rack batteries (using LG MH1 cells), which we estimate to still be 14.5ah even with the lower charging voltage (would be 16ah otherwise).  Check it out on our website...
See this 36v rack battery


Watch your Watts, view your Volts... no extra cost!

LCD3 displays

Are you aware that all REV Kits now come with a free LCD display?  This is a great improvement from the days of old, where the standard info available was just a throttle with some lights on it, as a (typically very inaccurate) battery gauge.
The LCD3 dashboard shows all the things a normal cycle computer shows (trip distance, speed, time, etc), as well as everything you want to know about your electric system (battery voltage, capacity gauge, level of pedelec assistance, temperature, and the very interesting to watch WATTAGE).  This will help you understand when you are using the most power, and therefore how to conserve your battery for longer rides when required. There are several other functions available, such as turning on a backlight on the display (& lights if connected), limiting the top speed, and more.
The LCD3 has a very practical mounting bracket too, sitting over the headstem and leaving more usable space on the bars.  The compact buttons for the unit are on a short cable, to be mounted nearby the grips for easy adjustments.  All is waterproof and looks great!
Check out our range of KITS
Coming Up in the next few weeks, we will be launching the popular 8FUN ('Bafang') mid mount motors on our website (you may have seen this in the first pic on the newsletter).  These will be a great addition to our range, available in 250w, 500w and 750w, with a 1000w option available soon too.  These will be highlighted in the next newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled.

From all at Team REV.. Happy ELECTRIFIED riding!
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