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What are you SHARING with your friends this weekend?

Melbourne EV Expo 2016

The ATA’s Melbourne Electric Vehicle Expo 2016 is on this Sunday, October 16th. Last year’s event was a huge success, with about 3,500 people turning up to check it out.  There will be loads of electric cars (some for test drives) and e-bikes of all shapes and sizes.. Come check it out!  And we'll buy you lunch if you enter your REV-Bike in the Show N Shine competition :)
REV will be demonstrating what we can do to ANY BIKE, and providing beginner through to technical information for the curious hoards. Last year there was a constant stream of people wanting to know the how, what & why of e-bikes, with all of them excited by the prospect of converting their existing (and often much-loved,) bike rather than buying an off-the-shelf “one-size fits none” alternative. Enquiries ranged from wanting a comfy bike and practical trailer to take to the shops and maybe rail trails every so often, to a full suspension mountain bike that makes the uphills seem flat, and powering a solar-powered tricycle to get to Perth.
As well as a static display of some of our bikes (don’t miss Dean’s low-rider!) there will be the opportunity to take various e-bikes (and cars!) for a spin, just to confirm how awesome they are.
Not content with running an exhibit, our own RevBecca is presenting a practical seminar at 1pm, giving a “nuts & bolts” overview of converting a bicycle to an e-bike, including where riders stand (sit?) regarding the law.
Come down to share with the awesome Electric Techs on offer throughout the expo, and come say hi to us; the veggie burgers and kombucha will not go astray… :)

Reviewing current trends..

Mid-mount motors

The Bafang HD

(is this really the best retrofit motor??)
The new 1000w 8FUN mid-drive motor is all the rage.. Since selling the other mid-drives (250w-750w) we've responded to regular enquiries for months about whether we have the new HD.  We do now have a few, but have been holding off listing them on the website until we've had a proper chance to test them ourselves.
So..what do we think..??  Well, it is pretty awesome! Of course having 1000w of well-geared assistance is always gonna feel great. The main benefit of mid-drives over hub motors is that you can utilise the motor through the gears, meaning you have low gears for high torque (choose the lowest gears to climb ANY hill with practically no effort), and high gears for higher top speed (opens out to over 50km/h on the flat with zero effort). It also improves handling in rough terrain, with the lower centre of gravity and unsprung weight.
The drawbacks are having increased chain wear (need to replace the chain every 2000kms or so), and the only protection for that in the system means that the motor cuts out for about half a second while changing gears (not an issue at all with hub motors).  It's also common to need the upgrade to the $140 Bling Ring rather than the standard front chain-ring, so the motor doesn't buck the chain off.
When you compare it to a well-built (but expensive) e-bike with a bosch mid-drive motor (for about 3 times the price), this system doesn't feel quite as smooth (mainly due to the lack of Torque Sensor), but it is a good value option for off-road adventurers.
Overall, our view is that its about Horses For Courses.. If you really have the desire or need to climb extreme hills and open out regularly to high top speeds, then the mid-mount is a great solution for you.. You just gotta respect the complexity in running this system, in the higher levels of maintenance.
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Upcoming Opportunities

Australia's first course in..

Electric Bike Mechanic Training

A reminder that REV are offering the first ever training course for e-bike mechanics in Australia in November, giving you the opportunity to build your own e-bike while learning the skills so you can turn ANY BIKE into a REV-Bike.  We still have a few positions available, and will offer a substantial discount to any WOMEN who wish to register.. Because we want to have some gender balance!
Please call us if you'd like to discuss, on 03 9024 6653.
The course syllabus is really exciting, as below:
E-Bikes & The Law
Components of an E-Bike
- Motor options & suitability
- Battery options & suitability
General Bike Maintenance & Servicing
- Brakes
- Gears
- Other things to check
Understanding Electrical Theory
- Volts, Amps & Watts
- Resistance
- AC  and  DC
- Using a Multi Meter
- Soldering and Connectors
E-bike Motors
- DC / AC
- brushed / brushless
- Copper Windings (coils / phases)
- Hall Sensors / Sensorless
- Hub / Mid-mount
- Geared / Direct Drive
- Regen Braking
E-Bike Controllers & Controls
- What does a controller do?
- Square wave / Sine wave
- Programmable controllers
- Standard controls (pedelec, throttle, brake cutouts, LCD)
- Adapting controls to suit challenging bikes
- Adding lights
E-Bike Batteries
- A brief history of Batteries
- Chemistries other than Lithium
- Lithium Ion vs Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
- Different chemistries of Lithium-based batteries
- How a lithium battery cell works
- Cells in series and parallel
- Battery Management Systems
- Charging
- Best Practice battery care for prolonged lifespan
- Battery Mounting
- Fault-finding
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