EarthTime October 2015
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October Issue

In this issue: 
  • Message from Steve: Leaves on the Ground
  • "Imaging & Reimagining" Art Exhibit
  • Sacred Places, Sacred Stories of Late
  • Open House Photos
Leaves on the Ground

I’ve been walking a lot at Church of the Woods this fall. By now, in our forest cathedral, most of the leaves have fallen and those that remain on the trees won’t be there long. They are no longer green. They rustle when we scuff through them. Their time as gatherers of solar energy is over. Fall is here and winter is coming. 


We say - when the leaves have fallen to the ground - that they are dead. But that isn’t really true, is it? Really, the leaves have just moved to a different stage of life. Rather than being living solar collectors waving in the wind, the leaves have become food for other creatures — fodder for the decomposers who feast on the decaying leaves just as the leaves feasted on sunlight. Different stages, different roles, different relationships, but one shared life. Rather than calling them dead, we could say they are relinquishing their physical bodies so others can grow. Letting go of their separate identities, they are becoming the common soil. The once-green leaves are laying the groundwork that the whole woods might grow and flourish. 


The work of Kairos Earth and Church of the Woods this year also has been to lay groundwork that the whole might grow and flourish. We have begun Church of the Woods, we have begun our inquiries into Sacred Place, we have begun teaching practices that integrate ecological and religious views of the world, we have begun making a community of people who share our beliefs, we have begun forming a strong organization. We have laid a foundation for the work that lies ahead. 


Many of you have been generous in supporting this groundwork with your contributions for Chelsea’s Pilgrimage bike ride and gathering Sacred Stories about Sacred Places. You have offered gifts to make possible the early growth of Church of the Woods — our home Sacred Place. You have invested, above all, in us — in Steve and in Chelsea — making it possible for us to explore a new way. 


With your support, we are exploring a new way of being an environmental organization and a new way of being a religious organization. We are convinced that the old ways of being “environmental” and “religious” aren’t enough in this time of ecological woe. There has to be another way — a way that recognizes and honors the sacred in all life and in all things — and that cares for them accordingly.  

You are the ones who provide the energy that makes this possible. Just as green leaves feast on sunlight and fungi feed on brown leaves, we have feasted on your gifts of money, ideas, inspiration, and love. Your gifts are what keep us going so we can explore this new way. Thank you!


This is the time of year when we make a particular point of asking that you continue giving so we can build the soil of our shared life on this shared world. You can make a gift here, or send a check to Kairos Earth at 107 Hackleboro Road, Canterbury NH 03224.


We aren’t going to be shy about asking for your support because we really believe in what we are doing, and because your generosity is what nourishes us and keeps us going. 


Thank you for being part of this new way, and may your feet walk with joy upon this good Earth we share. 



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"Imaging & Reimagining" Art Exhibit

Chelsea is curating an art exhibit in Cambridge, MA on November 13th & 14th, based on the question: how can artists and communities work together to creatively reimagine our relationship to nature and place?

The exhibit will feature photographs from her bike ride and photos submitted by the Greater Boston community! We'd love to see you there! 


Gallery 263
263 Pearl St. Cambridge, MA
November 13th (Opening Reception) - 6:00-9:00pm
November 14th (Music, Poetry, & Storytelling Event) - 7:00-10:00pm
Sacred Places, Sacred Stories of Late

Latest Interview Compilation from the Bike Ride: 

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Inhabiting the Anthropocene: 

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Photos from our Open House

We had a wonderful Open House on September 27th! Trail clearing, hiking, cello meditations, good food, great folks, and an amazing lunar eclipse watched from the perimeter of a bonfire (while munching on s'mores of course). Some photos are below, you can find more HERE (photo credit: Kelly Short). 
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