EarthTime  September 2016
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 September Edition

In this issue: 
  • Message from Steve: Girls, Boys and Ants
  • Church of the Woods' First Baptism
  • Thank You & Bon Voyage, Chelsea!
  • Welcome, Jo!
  • New: 9:00am service at Church of the Woods 
  • Prayer retreat in Northern NH, Oct 20-24
Girls, Boys and Ants

Dear Friends,

I send greetings with joy on this day of the fall equinox when day and night, light and dark are briefly held in balance.

Here in New Hampshire, today is a glorious day of brilliant sun with signs of the bright autumn colors that are starting to arrive. This balance of day and night, of course, is short-lived. Tomorrow (at least in the northern hemisphere), we begin the slide into the darkening time when the vibrancy of life pulls back into the earth, to rest in darkness until it comes forth anew in the spring.

But not yet! Now, it is still time to rejoice in the rich beauty of the growing things around us, to celebrate the harvest, and to give thanks for such abundance.

In late August, we celebrated our first baptism at Church of the Woods. As is our custom, the service included time for quiet reflection in the woods — except, of course, that when there are children the “quiet” time is not necessarily quiet! As the bell rang to gather back, the three girls ran down the hill, laughing. Until — you know the story — one fell down and the laughter turned to tears.

Happily, a hug, some kisses, and two band-aids saved the day. But what a glorious way to celebrate a baptism— innocent laughter amongst the trees, a tumble, a wounding, some tears, a healing, and a restoration to joy. May we all be so blessed.

Last week, our delight took the form of boys uncovering the sacred mystery of life through a horde of ants making their home in a decaying stump. What a wonderful way to illustrate that death is not the end! That even though a tree dies, in its very death and decay it gives new life. All living things, when they die, take on new forms, become new life. Are we any different?

How much such connections with the earth have to teach us!  Wherever you are, I pray you are able to revel in the glory of the world around you, whatever form it is taking at this moment.




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Photos from the first Baptism at Church of the Woods! 
Ants, ants, and more ants! 
What fun it was for these boys to find life inside a decaying stump.
Thank you & Bon Voyage, Chelsea!

We bid bon voyage to our dear Chelsea, who has brought so much to this work and organization. She leaves for Ireland in mid-September. Happily, we have found a great arrangement for staying connected: Chelsea will be a Writing Fellow for Kairos Earth for the year while she continues work on her book about her bicycle pilgrimage across the United States. We look forward to receiving updates from Ireland and wish Chelsea the best! 
Welcome, Jo!

We are excited to welcome Jo Brooks to the team at Kairos Earth as Director of Operations!  She’s a native Midwesterner, but has been a New Hampshire resident for eight years (via time in California & Maryland).  She brings to this work her love of the outdoors, her logistics experience honed as an officer in the Marine Corps, and her 15+ years of yoga and meditation.
Morning Services at Church of the Woods!

Beginning on September 11th, Church of the Woods will hold weekly Sunday services at 9:00 AM, in addition to our 3:00 PM afternoon service. 

We hope to see you there! 

*Please note that on September 25th, we will have ONLY the 3:00pm service, due to a prior commitment. 

Our services are conducted outside, so come dressed for sun, rain, or snow! 
When the weather requires, we meet in our simple barn.

* We are working to make Church of the Woods fully accessible -
contact us if you have questions or a particular need *
4-day prayer retreat
in the North Woods of New Hampshire

~ October 20th - 24th ~

You are invited to join our partners, Mark & Lisa Kutolowski of Metanoia of Vermont, for a time of prayer in the wilderness of the Dartmouth College Grant.
Days will be structured around the Benedictine rhythm, with communal prayer each day, brief readings and shared silence, a spirit of silence throughout the day, and unscheduled mornings and afternoons.

For info:
"No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face..."

John Donne
"Elegy IX: The Autumnal"
Stay tuned for the October issue of EarthTime!
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