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The first look at Stardust, an upcoming film about David Bowie, is available to watch now. The film is set in 1971 around the time Bowie first visited the USA and was inspired to invent his Ziggy Stardust alter ego, telling the story of that specific section of the artist’s life rather than a full biopic. It stars Johnny Flynn as the lead, Marc Maron plays his publicist Ron Oberman, and it is written and directed by Gabriel Range. Range said: “I set out to make a film about what makes someone become an artist; what actually drives them to make their art. “That someone is David Bowie … Someone I only ever saw at a great distance, behind a mask; a godlike, alien presence. Even in his perfectly choreographed death, he didn’t seem like a regular human being.” David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones indicated the film has not been approved by the artist’s family and won’t feature any of his music, writing on Twitter last year: “as it stands, this movie won’t have any of dads music in it, & I can’t imagine that changing. If you want to see a biopic without his music or the families blessing, thats up to the audience. The film was due to debut this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, which has been postponed due to coronavirus. A clip has now been released which you can watch below.
Charli XCX has used her lockdown time wisely. During the past six weeks in isolation, the British producer and pop renegade got to work and cut a new album, how i’m feeling. The DIY LP, executive produced by Charli, A. G. Cook and BJ Burton, spans 11 tracks and dropped at midnight. How i’m feeling is the product of a special two-way connection with fans, as Charli encouraged her followers to give real-time feedback and contribute to the songs and videos. 

 S H A R A M 

‘Do Ya’, balancing elements of melodic techno, progressive house, and even golden-era trance to create something truly timeless. The aptly titled ‘Isolate,’ which leans much more towards dark, driving, and hypnotic techno brings in two perfectly timed releases. As Sharam’s first solo effort of the new decade, it doesn’t start on much of a higher point. Both tracks on this split demonstrate the veteran’s ability to craft diverse and thought-provoking tracks that draw just enough on current trends to sound relevant but not enough to sound stagnant. DRW 10/10.
 F E R R E C K  D A W N 

Ferreck Dawn returns to Defected with his latest offering ‘By My Side’, teaming up with Californian producer and vocalist Anthony Valadez. The Dutchman, who has released heavy hitters like ‘In Arms’, ‘Selfish Games’ and ‘You Are The One’ on the imprint, displays his signature rolling house sound with his latest release, as melodic keys, a soft filtered vocal and undulating beat give this refined house cut an inescapable groove. Displaying his evolving style, ‘By My Side’ instates Ferreck as one of the brightest talents on the scene. Easily the biggest vocal workout across Bali right now if things were just a little different. DRW 5/5.
Porter Robinson debuted a new track during a live-streamed set last weekend. The producer/DJ hosted an all-day live streamed festival, Secret Sky, on Saturday 9th May, and at the end of his own set dropped a new single, titled ‘Look At The Sky’. You can check out the full set below, or skip to the end to hear the track. More sets came from artists including Madeon, San Holo, G Jones and Jai Wolf. 100% of proceeds raised during the stream will be donated to the MusiCares COVID-19 relief fund. Back in March, Robinson shared a new single, ‘Something Comforting’ from his forthcoming album, ‘Nurture’. Later that month, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Robinson launched an interactive website based around the new album.
London streetwear brand Aerosoul has unveiled a face mask featuring its iconic Junglist Movement design. Aerosoul’s founder and designer Leke Adesoye launched a crowdfunding campaign this week to raise funds for the production of the masks, with a view to donating £2.50 from the sale of each mask to UCLH charity Haematology Cancer Care. “I have been attending UCLH for over five years for treatment,” writes Adesoye on the Just Giving page. “If it wasn’t for the hard work and passion of the front line staff within UCLH myself along with thousands of others could well be living a much less life expectancy and quality of life.” Made famous after its appearance on a t-shirt in cult ‘90s rave flick Human Traffic, the Junglist Movement designed masks will be made of 100% cotton.
It’s an idea that has been kicking around since lockdown began but we can now confirm that drive-in cinema is making a return to Sydney this month. The DJ and producer Carnage has announced that he is staging a drive-in music festival next month, billing it as “the first ever North American festival in corona[virus] history”. Several clubs in Germany hosted “drive-in raves” last week as a way of circumventing lockdown restrictions. Following in the footsteps of the Germans and how they are dealing with life post-lockdown… We are teaming up to bring Bristol a series. A drive-in cinema is coming to town to quench film lovers’ thirst for watching movies in public. Event organizer Ergo and Co plans to bring the cinematic experience while still adhering to the rules of the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in Jakarta.
It is said that music has been used as a therapy since antiquity. Well, Peggy Gou understood the concept and decided to share what she’s listening to on lockdown with Vogue. “This pandemic has made me realize so many new things it would be impossible to list them all, but I can say that I’m very grateful to have had the time to connect with who I really am, she said to Vogue, “Now is the time for me to do all the things that I wanted to work on before, but wasn’t able to because of my busy schedule. So far, I have been more creative than ever.” Named the “Gourantine playlist”, the Korean DJ has selected 30 eclectic songs for your ears, featuring music from Aphex Twin, Four Tet, Santana, Nate Dogg, Aretha Franklin and Manu Dibango. From dub to techno without forgetting house, jazz, rock and soul music.
Last week, Amsterdam’s music industry was dealt a huge blow when Dutch Health Minister Hugo Mattheüs de Jong said that massive events will “only possible once there is a vaccine” for COVID-19. While that sounds like a no go for dance music festivals in the Netherlands, ADE may still happen this year, just with some expected and unexpected differences, of course. “The Amsterdam Dance Event will look different this year than usual,” said a spokesperson. “How exactly, we can’t say that yet. So much is changing so fast right now.” Currently, the event stands in the category of “massive events with a national appearance” as it attracts around 400,000 visitors from 146 different countries. These types of events are officially banned, but that ban only extends to September 1. The annual electronic music conference and festival.


Somewhere within the walls of Studio Eksotika lies a gallery that houses one of the most extraordinary collections of dance music memorabilia in the world. But just days before Desa Potato Head was to open the doors to its newly acquired Wild Life Archive, disaster struck — the fury of COVID-19 led to the closure of Desa Potato Head (along with almost everything else in Bali…and the world). Always ones to innovate, a full-on digital strategy ensued featuring sustainable lifestyle hacks, in-house recipes (like their Flores Margarita) and Daily Morning Rituals. Best of all, they also brought the exhibition online.



Beverage giants Coca-Cola and Carlsberg have given their backing to an exciting new plant-based plastic being developed by Dutch biochemical company Avantium. This planet-friendly material, intended to completely decompose within just one year, would use plastics made from plant sugars as opposed to fossil fuels; tackling both plastic pollution and the overuse of fossil fuels. This material would be used to create a protective, recyclable layer within a cardboard bottle, replacing regular containers while helping to reduce the carbon footprint inflicted by drinks manufacturers.

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