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Music producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland created “Verzuz” to bring joy and entertainment to millions of hip-hop and R&B fans stuck indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic. But they may have ended up spawning a new cultural touchstone. The idea was simple: Pit two of the biggest names in music against each other on Instagram Live for a friendly head-to-head battle. No one would actually be declared the winner. But fans could hear their favorite songs and endlessly argue over who had better hits. The performances are powerful, the format is sometimes glitchy and the audience is altogether hilarious. In short, it’s a good time. And given the tragedy unfolding around us, Verzuz is a welcome distraction. Viewers tune in for the talent and songs, but especially for the comments section, where they often poke fun at the artists and their performances. Whether it’s technology issues, song choice or even what the artists are wearing, folks on social media come ready with the jokes. Like when Teddy Riley and Babyface got roasted for their age and inability to use Instagram during their first attempt at a Verzuz battle.

On July 25, The Chainsmokers are bringing the people of posh Long Island enclave The Hamptons a bit “closer” through a drive-in performance for charity. Produced by luxury travel and lifestyle agency In the Know Experiences and presented by Jaja Tequila — a small batch spirit brand in which the duo are stakeholders — the show will raise money for myriad charities and include a host of talent playing for the socially distanced audience. 

A D A M  B E Y E R 

An EP that gives a nod to uncertain times. 'No Defeat No Retreat' was written during Beyer's fruitful production sessions during lockdown. 'Park People' sets the pace with an energetic, 80's new wave creating the track's spine. Its hypnotic energy stems from a powerful synth riff and vocal sample culminating in a skilfully balanced track that neatly combines the old with the new. The title track is a study in contrasts, deftly crafting a muted, nagging vocal hook and infectious bassline into a slice of forward-facing, edgy techno. With its subtle, undulating layers of melody building in the background, it ushers in an understated sense of euphoria, making it a perfect end-of-set mood-maker. A thrilling return!
F R A N K Y  R I Z A R D O

The flying dutchman returns the scene of the crime once again with another precious house music gem. His tunes always sit right in the perfect place for us at Bali Clubbing HQ, keeping the vibes right on a level that doesn’t go to crazy but keeps the smiles from ear to ear. You can expect “Polaris’ to take over the more familiar venues around Bali in the coming weeks while I’ll be personally be flagging this into a couple of my sets this week at Oldmans and Red Ruby as Bali starts to re-open in the new normal format 2020 onwards! Peace, Love and Rizardo coming straight at ya DRW 10/10

Michael Jackson’s ex-manager Tohme Tohme’s longstanding legal war with the King of Pop’s estate has ended as a California judge ruled that he’s owed the RP 3 million he was promised in a 2019 settlement even though the deal was never finalized in writing. Tohme first sued the estate in 2012. He claimed he’s owed a 15 percent commission on compensation Jackson received during his last year of his life, plus a cut of the hugely successful concert film This Is It, which was released a few months after the singer’s death, and a finder’s fee for securing a loan that prevented foreclosure on Neverland Ranch. It seemed the feud was ending a year ago when the parties reached a settlement mid-trial in May 2019 — but they struggled to agree upon a written version and Tohme sued again.
In the same way that hip-hop was the soundtrack to graffiti culture in the US, drum ‘n’ bass was the soundtrack to street art in the UK — and Goldie was an architect of that golden era. In the three decade long odyssey that ensued, Clifford Joseph Price has been bubbling as a cultural clout: a DJ, artist, label owner, actor, director, composer, yogi and aerosol master. The man has a seemingly endless supply of hats and is inherently deserving of the most hackneyed label of all time: Goldie is a fucking legend. During the 30+ years he’s been active, Goldie has punctuated the crossover between dance music and art while changing the face of street culture, moving a younger and underprivileged generation away from the shadow of drugs and crime and instead focused on art. 
Disney wants Daft Punk to soundtrack a planned Tron sequel. In a recent episode of Light The Fuse, a weekly podcast about MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE with people who worked on the franchise, Disney’s President of Music & Soundtracks Mitchell Leib said he’d want Daft Punk to soundtrack the third Tron film. Leib told hosts “we’re looking at making a sequel to Tron (Legacy) now. We’re making a Tron 3,” and that he’d spoken with Daft Punk’s manager Paul Hahn about bringing the electronic duo on board for the score. Daft Punk scored the 2010 film Tron: Legacy, which featured Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. You can listen to the podcast episodes featuring Mitchell Leib here. Last year, Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ was revealed as the best-selling.
Things have taken a few steps forward in Bali with the entertainment sector and we as supporters across the industry couldn't be more happy to see some of the venues put their first stages of opening protocols in place.  Social distancing and hygiene at the top of the agenda while each business begins to reinvent themselves in the new normal of July 2020 and beyond. With trading hours currently limited to 11pm and no live music things have gone back to basics for now and that's enjoy yourselves with a small group of friends with the amazing venues that Bali has to offer. Check out this week's guide to the new normal across Bali and be sure to bookmark our feature as we regularly update it as more becomes available.


The three stages, Koster pointed out, are still in the form of a plan as authorities are still observing the development of the corona virus cases in Bali. “Through the Yadnya Pamahayu Jagat ceremony, we seek the permission, blessing, guidance, and protection of monk Ida Bhatara Bhatari Sasvest so that he may bestow his grace so that the three stages can work smoothly and successfully with the implementation of the New Era of Life Protocol in Bali,” the governor said in a release on the Bali provincial government Facebook page. Tourists from outside the island will be able to visit when the second phase is implemented on Friday, 31 July 2020, and foreign tourists can return to Bali with the third phrase of reopening starting on Friday, September 11, 2020.



The delightfully named Playtime Engineering is back with an update to their popular synth the Blipblox, designed to teach children synthesis. The new version – called Afterdark – features a new dark covering and features over 300 melodies, arps and sequences pre-loaded in the machine for tweaking and filtering. There’s also a built-in drum machine with 100 pitch-shifting drum samples and 256 built in vegetables. Most of that won’t matter to the kids it’s aimed at, but it’s also a capable synth in its own right, with Playtime Engineering claiming it has “range of synthesis possibilities never before seen on a device [at] this price.” That price is RP 199 or RP 179 if you pre-order on Indiegogo. Blipblox After Dark also has MIDI input for more pro connections.

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