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Hey Joy Seeker!

Have you checked out my sale lately?  I've been adding decks and books
In our last newsletter, I told you I'd been dabbling in charms. I've taken that to a new level by signing up for a class with Monica Bodirsky. I've known Monica for a few years now. I had the joy of being asked to write the forward for her House of Shadows Lenormand. Then I  was asked to write a blurb about her Shadowland Tarot (Schiffer.) That blurb landed on the back of the box which was a nice surprise for me. Monica is a Toronto witch and artist. She is also someone I consider a friend. 

Her class is called Bones & Curio Casting. The first part was this past Tuesday with the second part coming tonight. I've been doing some homework today for that. I'm not sure it is for me, but it is incredibly interesting. And? It's made me really dig into what things mean to me. For instance, one item in the casting kit is to represent "home." I've lived in seven states. I am not sure what home means to me in that sense. Is it a place? A person? A feeling? For the moment, I am using a small house charm. Charm casting (this I learned from Carrie Paris) is similar to bones and curios but it is not the same. Charm casting is pretty self-explanatory in the charms you choose. A fish, a horse, a spinning wheel...all have easy (for me) meanings. But when you are creating your casting kit with your personal ephemera, it is harder. At least for me.

Bones are a sticking point for me. I like bones. I have some in my possession that I've found. One of my personal treasures is the skull of a Mexican Broadtail Grackle. They were prevalent at one of my homes. I went out in my yard and found the skull. It was facing the house and was nearly pristine (a few small feathers at the mandible joint.)  I won't use that in my bone throwing kit as I would be quite sad if I broke it. Lupa wrote a terrific book on bones called Vulture Culture 101.

What about you? Are you someone who picks up things on walks? Eyes the ground hoping to find some treasure? I've found a snake's shed skin (that I have) and a rabbit's backbone (that I left where I found it.) I have the vertebrae of a roadkill rattler (my husband unit was NOT amused when I started poking a stick at a dead snake.) :D

I've been trying to decide if I want to buy bones (ethically sourced or resin casts.) Then I get bogged down as to what bone would be for what area. Would a mink bone be for romance since minks are notoriously sexual? Would I use a rabbit's foot for luck or for speed? What means home to me? I keep coming back to that question.

I know that I like using charms with Tarot readings. That's been something I've incorporated into my Word of the Year readings. By the way, those readings are closing at the end of this month. Charms help me get another layer for my readings. Do you have your word for 2021? I'd love to know what it is!

Maybe I should do a reading for myself about what home means to me. Speaking of reading, I've just started reading Devon Monk's new series Wayward Souls: Souls of the Road book 1. Another author I love is Allison Pang. Who are some of your favorite authors?  Hit reply to let me know.

If you have a yes/no question, here's a way to divine that. Grab your Tarot deck. Shuffle it making sure to mix it up so you have upright and reversal.  Focus on your question. 

Cut the cards. 
Start turning the cards up in a pile. Stop when you see an ace or hit 13 cards. Do this for three piles. All upright aces mean yes. All reversed aces mean no. Two upright and one reversed means a positive maybe while two reversed and one upright are a negative maybe. If you don't have all aces, use the upright vs reversal for your answer. It's just that the answer may not be as clear.

Remember that I love you!
Seek Joy, y'all
What are you looking forward to for 2021? Have you started writing things down? Do you generally just wing it? It's a proven fact that writing down goals helps us make them happen. 

My Word of the Year reading helps you get that first spark started. My own words of the year have included Galvanize, Seek, and Authenticity. I would love to help you find yours.

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