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Eggplants are NOT fun

OOPS! I forgot to give you a link last time. My bad!
Last, but not least, the March Reading Room is available for registration. I am limiting the number of folks. You get a free reading, a Q&A session, and me. The topic this time will be answering how I continue my education in Tarot. 

On to the eggplant! Don't miss my non-eggplant book recommendation at the bottom of this newsletter.

<<First Name>>, the eggplant has one of those love-it or hate-it reputations.  Me? I love it. My favorite color in the world is that deep purple that is most commonly seen in eggplants. What about you? Are you a fan of eggplant?

If you are a cook or want to gather up fun recipes, come join the fun on the PaganTable group on Facebook. This is a group strictly for sharing recipes and spells. It is also NOT pagan-only. It's a nice mix of folks who just like food. In fact, here is one of my personal favorite eggplant dishes. Full disclosure: I've never made this. I just go to my local Middle Eastern grocery to buy it in a jar. YUM! 

Eggplant Dragon FUN

Now about the my Field Guide to Garden Dragons deck, I named the Eggplant Dragon the FUN dragon. One fact I learned about eggplant (yes, I researched every card in the deck) was that the eggplant was once thought to cause insanity. Can you imagine it? INSANITY!

Of course, we now know better. Except for the eggplant dislikers...they still think it causes insanity as you run about with your tongue out trying to exorcise the taste of eggplant.

In the book under the Mystical Meaning of this dragon, I wrote "Look for the hidden happiness coming your way.

Your newsletter challenge is to pull a card from your own deck (if you don't have a deck, pick up the nearest  book and flip to a page then point to a paragraph for your message via bibliomancy.) This card shows you where you can find this hidden happiness. Here is one book that includes a discussion of bibliomancy. The forward is by Judika Illes.

If you like challenges and prompts, I am posting a weekly prompt on my Patreon. Also? I'd love it if you checked out my welcome video. It's in the middle of the page. :D 

Don't forget! 

Buy five decks to save 10%.
Buy seven decks to save 15%.
Buy ten or more decks to save 20%.

Here's how.
  1. Go to the sale list
  2. Put your initials beside the deck you want
  3. Email me at (email is linked at the top of that page)
  4. I will calculate price and shipping/handling
  5. I will invoice you once you have confirmed that you want the decks.
And feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested. I will be making this bulk discount public in a day or so. Gotta move those decks!

Seek joy, y'all. I love you.
Pass it on!
Book recommendation! I downloaded the first in this series. Once I'd finished listening to it, I had to have the next one. The friendship between Jane and Katherine is marvelous. And this has zombies. It is an alternative history set in the 1860s in America. It takes a frank look at racism and how we divide our country up. It's not a 2x4, but the point is made. I love the audiobook a great deal. I hope you will check it out.
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