Someone won a one hour Tarot conversation with me. Was it you?


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It's March. It's my birthday month. Because of that, I've drawn one name from all my newsletter subscribers. The winner receives a one hour Skype or phone conversation (if you are not in the US and don't have SKYPE, we will do it as an email reading) with me. Why a conversation instead of a consultation? Well, for me, the word consultation implies I talk, you listen. A conversation is sharing. It's working together towards a common goal. It's much more interactive than a consultation. The winner is announced at the end of this newsletter.

The end of February was hard. Had a death in the family. This one was harder for me because it was of my generation--a cousin. I come from a fairly tight-knit family that features eight cousins on the maternal side and three on the paternal. Counting my sister and I that's a baker's dozen of cousins. Yes, our holiday gatherings were as chaotic as you might imagine. But we found joy in knowing we are a close family and in knowing that Cousin D was doing what he loved. Finding joy is not always easy in times like this but we managed.

The most popular post of February was actually a three-way tie. I arbitrarily picked one to highlight here.

Today’s card reminds me of a quote my mother had me memorize when she was my Girl Scout leader. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” more...


For the month of February, I have been hard at work on my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook. Illustrated by Lisa Hunt, this features ten of my spreads that are all fairy tale-based. From the tower of Rapunzel to the mouths of dragons, each spread is geared towards helping you. You can use this in your professional work or personal. The only caveat is that you not publish or post them. You can get your own copy here.

Another thing that sparks my spread creativity is quotes. One that moved me was a Chinese one about the wind of change. I created this spread called that I called the Wind of Change. I know, such an original title, right? One of my favorite bloggers blogged about this spread. Read Chloe's post.

What dish would the Hermit be associated with? I explore that as well as give you a recipe in this post.

The March reading winner is Robin O. of Colorado. Email me to redeem your one hour Tarot conversation, Robin!

Didn't win? Still want to have a conversation with me about finding your joy and keeping it? You can. Just use this form to contact me.

Like Someone Won A 1 Hour Conversation. Was It You? on Facebook

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