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Hey Joy Seeker!

So I have a question for you, <<First Name>>. Do you have goals? Do you have long-term goals and short-term goals? Or are goals those things in hockey and soccer and football only?

For me, I have goals. I've always had goals. One of my craziest goals was to write down that I would own my own business by the age of 25. Well, I did that. I owned a dog grooming shop in Bowling Green, OH. Then I began with other goals. One of those was to do a Tarot deck. An unknown goal was to be a card in a Tarot deck. I have now been a card in two decks (neither is out yet, but the Pocket of Peers Tarot will be on Kickstarter in two months.)
Pocket of Peers Tarot by Jamie Sawyer
Here I am as the Queen of Cups. Am I proud? Heck yeah! Bucket list item CHECK! This is the tile version that is available now from Jamie Sawyer's Etsy shop. Speaking of Jamie's shop, keep reading for a chance to win one of her altar/card stands.

Reminder! Please buy my decks. LOLOLOL! As I am organizing my office I am STILL finding decks. My husband unit handed me a box this weekend. There were more decks. Here's your chance to increase your decks and books collections.

It was so awesome to hear from you all last newsletter. I do my best to reply to each of you. I am honored that you take the time to respond.

Just so you know, the Word of the Year readings end this Sunday, January 31, 2021. I love doing them but it is time to close those down for now. I am going to be testing some new spreads out soon. More about that to come.
But back to goals! One of my goals has been to support myself via my work as a Tarot conversationalist and psychic medium. For a long time, I've resisted promoting the mediumship. Why? I fear that if I say it, they won't come. (Thanks, Field of Dreams.) Who are they? Just the Beloved Dead and Elevated Ancestors we all have. I have to admit though that they show up a lot. Many of you who have worked with me know this first-hand, don't you? I've had butcher grandfathers complete with bloody aprons and meat cleavers to Russian grannies demanding songs. I'm used to it now, but it was not a welcome thing at first. I've never cared for interruptions when I am working.

Three of Pentacles World Spirit TarotThat goal of supporting myself has manifested in my re-starting my Patreon. As you may know, I left Patreon because of their wording about owning content. I've satisfied myself on that issue. Now, I am reopening my platform. One of the things that will be moving there exclusively is my monthly Tarotscopes for each sign.

What is Patreon? It is a platform that allows artists and creators to create content for supporters. You choose the monthly tier you like. That is charged monthly (it is now upfront due to folks who liked to sign up, take content, then leave before they were charged.) This is harking back to the day when a wealthy patron would sponsor an artist. I hope you will consider joining me there. This will NOT end this newsletter! Promise!

Here's that goal spread I promised (and check the bottom of the newsletter for that chance to win!)

Reaching My Goals

I lay this out in a row and read from left to right.

Card One: What goal should I focus on. This supposes that you have more than one goal.  For me, I would look at the element of the card to see what type of goal. For instance, a fire card would make me look at goals that are about actions.

Card Two: What is the next step towards this goal. I chose that phrasing assuming that the goal would already be underway. If not, you can rephrase that as "what is the step I should be taking to reach this goal?"

Card Three: How can I maintain my momentum towards this goal? Obviously, we need to keep moving towards our goals!

I hope this helps you out. If you would like a static video reading for this spread, please reply to this email. I am offering it for $13.00 to the first five people. It will be $25.00 after that. I will let you know if you are one of the first five.

Seek joy, y'all
Arwen's Statement of Love
I will love myself by living up to my expectations.
I will love myself by speaking with deliberation.
I will love myself by understanding that I have flaws and it's what *keeps* me human.
I will love myself by engaging with others who are on a path of joy.
I will love myself by loving my friends without judgment.
I will love myself by staying in my own hula hoop.
I will love myself by valuing my self.
Would you like one of these altar stands that can hold your card for the day? This is by Jamie Sawyer (yes, I adore her work!) I will be drawing a name from my Patreon supporters at the end of February. This is open to anyone in the world too! 
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