Who Were you?

Cleopatra? Harriet Tubman? Elizabeth the First?

Let's talk about past lives. I've always had crazy connections to certain periods of history. The Elizabethan era has always drawn me in. So when I had the chance to do a past life regression, I jumped at it. I mean I knew without a doubt that I had been in Queen Elizabeth I's court. How could I not be? My fascination was intense.

My teacher in the Craft was a Sutphen-trained hypnotist. She led me in a regression session. In this, you are taken back and asked to open your eyes. I did so. I was HORRIFIED to see that I was up to my calves in mud. No, not mud. A mixture of mud and pig poop. Turns out I did live in the age of Elizabeth I, but not as a fancily dressed courtier. Nope. Teh Arwen (as my friends jokingly call me, misspelling and all) was apparently a village woman trying to heal pigs. So yeah, I was just one of the peasant class who had "royal fever." Guess that dates back. LOL

Ever wondered who you were? Come join me in a Zoom class put on by Soultopia (Dallas, Carrollton, and Frisco.) I'll show you ways to use Tarot (and Oracles) to dive into your own past lives. If you like, you can take advantage of one of my Saturday reading slots. You may know that I only do readings on weekdays so this is a rare opportunity for a weekend slot. These are being booked through, and by, Soultopia. I know they said folks needed to sign up fast to snag a slot so I wanted y'all to know first.

What else have I been doing? Keeping up with my Daily Joy Tips on Instagram. Working with the ancestors, spirits, et al in my spirit guide readings. 

Just had my 2nd COVID-19 shot. I'm in House Pfizer. The second one has knocked me for a loop. I slept most of the day yesterday. Today I am trying to stay upright! 

What's new in your world? 

Are Your Spirit Guides Looking For You?

I am now offering "Finding Your Spirit Guide" (FYSG) sessions.

  • 1-hour video chat
  • Price: $200.00
  • You and I will discover who your main spirit guide is. If others show up, we will see what they have to say as well.
Who's Calling You?
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