I Talk To Dead  People

I really didn't want to talk to the dead. No one asked me if I was up for conversation! But there I was...working a 1-900-psycho (I mean psychic) line in the '90s. And someone's dead spouse shows up. Dang! Was I ever weirded out.

On Monday, April 5 at 6 pm Mountain, I'll be chatting about that first visit as well as some of the ones that followed. Have you ever had a butcher in a bloody apron show up waving a knife? I hope you will join me. The price is $27 for a seat or free if you are a Patron.

Pocket of Peers Kickstarter is still going. This is fully funded. Almost all the stretch goals have been reached. Remember to send me a screenshot of your pledge. I'll send you a one-card reading via email to answer the question "What does <<First Name>> need to know right now?"

Things going on in Arwen's life! I am taking an amazing course on palmistry with Divine Hand Jim. This is a four-part class (you can still join in) that is happening on Saturdays in April. I love his teaching style. The participation factor is really a selling point for me. He interacts with the class and allows a lot of room for questions and answers.

I've been doing a lot of spirit guide readings this past week. It's a deep dive into the Other Side for me. It is completely worth it. Sometimes the guides who show up are very, very sassy. Sometimes they are simply there to offer support. A time or two they've delivered "upside the head" smacks. What will yours say?

I also did an introduction post (they are a thing right now) on IG. Did you see it? Have you been getting my Daily Joy Tip? Head to Instagram and search #dailyjoytip to find them. I am doing these daily.  

SAVE THE DATE: On May 1, 2021, I'll be doing past life readings as well as teaching a class on past life readings for Soultopia. I was asked to offer this class because of a past client's recommendation. Thanks, anonymous client!

Are Your Spirit Guides Looking For You?

I am now offering "Finding Your Spirit Guide" (FYSG) sessions.

  • 1-hour video chat
  • Price: $200.00
  • You and I will discover who your main spirit guide is. If others show up, we will see what they have to say as well.
Who's Calling You?
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