Happy Father’s Day!  To all of our fathers, we celebrate you this month! 
I remember thinking as a kid that it was so hard to find the right gift for my father for Father’s Day!  I never really knew what he would like; besides a shirt.  His was a world of things so different from anything I was familiar. 
My father was a tool and die maker (and a furniture upholsterer for a time).  He worked second shift and would come home long after I was asleep.  I would wake in the morning and see scribbles of mathematical equations on the kitchen table.   What was he doing? 
He was invited by the CCC (during Roosevelt’s administration) to attend medical school but he declined because he didn’t want to leave his mother, who had just lost a son during WWII.  I wonder if he regretted that decision, and how it shaped him after that. 
When I was 14, my dad had his first major heart attack and was never worked after that.  He died from lupus when I was 19, my freshman year of college.  I remember turning the corner walking home from high school and wondering if I would see an ambulance in the driveway.  Sometimes I did.  I learned a lot from being in an environment of chronic illness.   I learned that patience, perseverance and positivity were paramount.  He took up oil painting and cooking during his convalescence.  He was the best whistler I have ever heard.
Fast forward to seeing my husband as a father and how much planning, care and support he gives to our daughter.  I observe their rapport, and notice how uniquely different it is from mine with her.  And essential.  When she was a toddler he would playfully toss her up in the air and she would giggle with delight.  (I would never have done that!)  They discuss financials and politics.  She talks with me about her relationships.  I see traits of him in her.  And they make me smile.
To all the dads out there who keep trying to keep it all together, you are appreciated, respected and acknowledged.

If you would like a suggestion for a Father's Day gift, True Verdant is a fresh, green smelling fragrance that men especially love as an aftershave.

Enjoy the day!


My dad, Hank, taken between 1939 and 1940

     David and Jacqueline 2003


"To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today." ~Barbara Johnson
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