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BCIT and SFU are developing a new graduate program in ecological restoration and are seeking feedback from individuals working in, or associated with restoring habitats and ecosystems. The following survey is part of a needs assessment BCIT and SFU are currently conducting to determine the feasibility of a joint Master of Science Degree in Ecological Restoration. Your feedback is very important to us as we strive to develop a program that meets current and future public and industry needs. To learn more about this degree click here.

The survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Yours assistance with this research is greatly appreciated and all responses are confidential. Ideally, we would like the survey to be completed in the next few weeks. To complete the survey, please click here.



J.B. MacKinnon. The Once and Future World. Author of the 100 mile diet- talks about world changes and the place of restoration.

Storm Cunningham. The Restoration Economy- Discusses many facets of restoration as the largest growing segment of the economy.

Xerces Society - Looking to learn about invertebrates (dragonflies, mosquitoes, bees)?
Coastal Invasive Species Committee - Looking to manage invasive species?


SER-BC ENewsletter

Winter 2014

Across the globe, centuries of unsustainable activities have damaged the aquatic, marine, and terrestrial environments that underpin our economies and societies and give rise to a diversity of wildlife and plants. SER is dedicated to reversing this degradation and restoring the earth’s ecological balance for the benefit of humans and nature.

2013 Proved to be a very busy and successful year! SERBC hosted a bio-engineering workshop where David Polster focused on the use of live plant materials, rocks, soil and landscape elements to perform an engineering function such as slope stabilization, soil erosion control or seepage control in agricultural ditches. The AGM was a great success. Following the morning AGM
 at BC Institute of Technology, a presentation and tour of the Mackay Creek Estuary led by Dr. Ken Ashley was well received. 


 A big welcome to our new directors who will be guiding SER BC into future restoration and collaboration. Please welcome our new and steadfast directors Monica Pearson, Karenn Bailey, Jennifer Barker, Tamara Bonnemaison, Don Eastman, Eric Higgs, Michael Keefer, Thomas Munson, David Polster, June Pretzer, Jeff Ralph, Doug Ransome, Valentin Schaefer, Robert Seaton and Aaron Zwiebel. 


The University of Victoria is offering numerous courses in Ecological restoration beginning January 6, 2014. Course descriptions are provided below.

Native Species and Natural Processes Certificate (NSNP) Spring 2014 Course Offerings
This can also be taken as a stand-alone course for professional development purposes.

NP502: Ecosystem Design through Propagation of Native Plants - Distance Format
An advanced course on ecosystem design in which you will consider the ecology and reproductive biology of plants when restoring ecosystems. You will explore the principles and ethics of native plant selection, harvesting and propagation to meet site-specific design objectives. Other topics include pollinators, peripheral (disjunct) populations, dispersal agents, and hybridization, green or living roofs and climate change.

Dates: January 6-March 30, 2014
Instructor: Kathy Dunster
For more information about the Native Species and Natural Processes program please contact the program office at, 250-721-8458 or visit their website.

Restoration of Natural Systems Program (RNS) Spring 2014 Course Offerings
This can also be taken as a stand-alone course for professional development purposes.

ER311: Principles and Concepts of Ecological Restoration- Distance Format
Introduced the field of ecological restoration. You will examine the characteristics of ecosystems, natural and human-caused changes at ecosystem to species levels; ecosystem and biodiversity; and the philosophy and ethics of restoration.

Dates: January 6- April 13, 2014
Instructor: Richard Hebda

ER 313: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology- Distance Format
Examines the characteristic of ecosystems, and the need to maintain and restore them. You will learn about natural and human-caused at ecosystem to species levels; the philosophy and ethics of restoration, and legal and policy frameworks. The focus is on factual scientific analysis of ecosystems in the context of human values and needs.

Dates: January 6-April 13, 2014
Instructor: Emily Gonzales

ER 335A: Restoration of Freshwater Aquatic Systems- 5 Day Immersion
An exploration of theory and case studies focusing on the restoration, character, and processes of aquatic systems.

Dates: February 26-March 2, 2014
Instructor: Angeline Tillmanns

For more information about the Restoration of Natural Systems and Native Species and Natural Processes Program contact the program office at or 250-721-8458 or visit the website.




The SER NorthWest and SER GreatBasin conference will be a gathering of scientists, restoration professionals, and government agencies involved in restoration issues in the Cascadia and Great Basin Bioregions with a focus on the unique challenges of ecological restoration projects in these regions.  The conference will be held at Eagle Crest Resort, just outside of Bend, OR.


Mark your Calendars...The Society of Ecological Restoration is hosting the Conference on Ecological and Ecosystem Restoration (CEER) "Elevating the Science and Practice of Restoration" The deadline for abstracts is January 10, 2014. For more information please see the details here.



13th Annual Stream Restoration Symposium

River Restoration is a not for profit organization that seeks to advance the science and standards of practice of river restoration through educational programs that emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to promote responsible practices, discuss and exchange ideas, assess projects, reflect on lessons learned and provide technology transfer.
Date: February 3-7, 2014 | Stevenson, WA., USA
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IECA'S Environmental Connection: The World's Largest Soil and Water Event

This is the premier education event for the erosion, sediment control and stormwater industry in the United States. It combines intense, full and half day training courses with topic focused technical sessions and the largest expo of its kind.
Date: February 25-28, 2014 | Nashville, TN., USA
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College of Applied Biology Annual Conference and AGM
Date: March 7, 2014 | Vancouver, BC., Canada
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