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The IYNF Courier brings every second week the latest news from the Young Naturefriends Network, as well as other news and opportunities to inspire young people for living values of respect, solidarity, equality, sustainability and love and care for nature.



Call for participants:
"D-e-zign it!"

IYNF has the pleasure to invite you to our e-participation activity vol. III "D-e-zign it!" This activity marks the closing of the IYNF’s Year of E-Participation and it will encourage participants to develop youth projects connected with e-participation, activism or social inclusion. The outcomes of the two previous activities will be also used to provide guidance and inspiration. This activity will take place in Mihajlovo in a beautiful natural area in the south of Macedonia from 18-23 October. You can apply here until 31 August.

Join IYNF and TFSz at Sziget Festival

We are only a few days of away from the Sziget Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, will open its the doors to the world, from 10 till 17 August.
In the pursuit to encourage a sustainable and “greener” behavior the Young Naturefriends Hungary (TFSz) and IYNF will join forces once more and are preparing to take part to the event.
Find more here what we preparing this time, and in case you want to join our team, we have a free 7-day pass to offer, you just need to show us your motivation. 


Social Media Impact

In her latest article, our e-volunteer Miriam Candelas talks about the societal impacts of media platforms, describing how for example, this is affecting social behaviors, is helping organizations and small businesses to prosper, or has made some governments fall while helps others to coerce or manipulate their population. This is a good appetizer for the training course that IYNF is organizing next week. Find more about the pros and cons here.  




National Meeting of Italian Naturefriends

GIAN-GIO', the Italian Young Naturefriends invite all young and enthusiastic people to join their national meeting at the Naturefriends House 'Alexander Langer' in the province of Brescia from 8 – 11 September. Find out more about it and register here.

Correct Behavior During a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are not only one of the most uncomfortable but also one of the most dangerous situations when hiking in the mountains. The Austrian Naturefriends wrote a short guide with tips and tricks how to behave during a thunderstorm in the mountains. You can find the German article here or the English translation here.





The new KiJu-Update offers several (last-minute) opportunities for everyone who wants to be active in youth work. You can still apply for the participation in some international environmental work camps, do a training course to become a youth coach or learn how to lead climbing activities for children. Have a look here (in German).



EVS 20th Anniversary Event in France
On 22 and 23 September the French National Agency is organizing an international meeting close to Paris in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European Voluntary Service and to discuss its future development together with former volunteers, youth workers and hosting and sending organizations. If you belong to one of the categories, find more information and the application form here.


Report European Youth Event: Shaping Europe
In May, IYNF has been represented at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg by over 30 enthusiastic young people. In total the EYE received 7500 young people from across Europe attended this event. Now the 50 most impactful ideas mentioned during the event have been collected in a report that will be handed over to all Members of the European Parliament in September 2016. Find the report here.

UNITED Conference in Macedonia
UNITED is organizing a conference with the topic Living Together: Transform a Divided Past into our Common Future. The event will take place from 26 - 30 October in Ohrid, Macedonia. Application deadline is 15 August. Find out more about the content and further details here.

Global Wealth inequality
The gap between rich and poor in the world is growing. This is nothing new for most people. Many try to consolidate themselves with the thought that most rich governments are sending money to the so-called developing countries in order to support them. But the reality looks quite different. Watch the impressive video here and find out what you never knew you never knew!

Pacific ​​Islands Nations to Ban Fossil Fuels
The Pacific Islands are one of the areas in the world that feel the most impact of climate change. Now their governments are working on a treaty to ban or at least phase out fossil fuels. It will take at least until next year when the consultations will result in a report to the summit and probably will not even be realized before 2018 but it seems to be a step in the right direction and stresses the need of worldwide leadership in this environmental challenge. Read the whole article here.

The First Vegetarian City in the World
Chiara Appendino, mayor of Turin, Italy, is aiming to make her city the first vegetarian town in the world by supporting health, environmental and animal welfare education. A step in the right direction, after the UN started to promote a plant-based diet and the Swedish government is considering to introduce a tax on meat. Read more about the ambitious mission here.


The EU's Land Footprint
The European Union uses more than its fair share of global land, with high environmental and social impacts. In 2010, the amount of land used to satisfy our consumption, solely of agricultural goods and services, amounted to 269 million hectares. Almost 40% of this land is outside Europe, an area the size of Italy and France combined. Find the complete report here.

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