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Cheers from Vishnu! I welcome you to the 2020 Sunday IV Edition of Content Chef Newsletter. Enjoy my snippets and notes on this week’s stories that I found most informing, educating, persuading, inspiring, entertaining, and unique for content creators:

#1 Making People Better Than We Found Them.

Your job, if you want to influence people, is to leave each person better than you found them.” – wrote
Michael Thompson in the article Building Your Audience Isn’t Magic.

Well said, Michael. I think one of the very purposes of us, as content creators, is to make people better by informing and inspiring them and enable them to solve problems by making them more knowledgeable.
#2 Why They Make You Scroll So Far?

How content creators try to get on the first page of Google, smartly copying content from other sites and adding unnecessary stuff that doesn’t add any value to the reader at all? I think we can get a clue in the article
Why Recipe Bloggers Make You Scroll so Far to Read the Recipe by Byrne Hobart.
#3 What 100,000 Words A Month Can Do For You?

To be great, you need to be good first. To be good, you need to be average first. To be average, you need to be below average first! That means you need to work a lot. In the context of the content, that means you need to create and publish a lot. That’s the scale of quality.

Working on the same scale, JotForm’s content team achieved astonishing success, going from 1,20,000 organic visits a month to 3,30,000 visits a month for their company blog. To get inspired and learn from their story, get tips from their
Journey to 100,000 Words a Month.
#4 How To Pull The Trigger With Content?

If you want to write content that attracts attention and makes people pull the trigger to sign up for whatever you are offering, trigger words can help (thanks to psychology!). To get yourself started, refer to the article
Skyrocket Your Conversions and Engagement With Trigger Words by Madeline Blasberg.
#5 Content Marketing Statistics for 2020 Are Out.

If you want a better glimpse into the present state of Content Marketing, shape its future, and get results with it,
Content Marketing Statistics for 2020 compiled by SEMrush team can help. Special thanks to Alina Petrova for the insightful survey results.
#6 Add to Your Toolkit: Hemingway Editor. 

I am using Hemingway Editor for a few months now and found it useful, especially for improving readability grade, making content voice active, craft content within character limits (especially meta descriptions and SEO titles), and write in a focused way.

The online version is free. You can buy offline app for Windows PC or MacBook for a little onetime fee of US$ 19.99. If you are looking for an offline editor for improved writing, you will be impressed by
Hemingway Editor.
#7 LinkedIn Spotlight: Case of Smart Plagiarism fueled by Machine Learning.

A new challenge for content creators: Machine Learning is helping spammers smartly plagiarize content with content-repurposing, without the permission of original creators:

• Spammers are converting original blog posts to podcasts and YouTube videos (which is nothing but the combination of text to audio and a display image!).

• Spammers are converting original podcasts/ videos to text format, i.e., blog posts.

Result: Original blog posts are ranking behind videos created by spammers by plagiarizing the text from original blog posts. Isn’t that terrible?

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🌱 Keep Doing Good Stuff

Life is busy. The time for which we are on the planet earth is limited. Is that means we must make the best use of every bit of second for which we live? I put my answer to this in the post:
Sometimes, It’s Good To Waste Time.
⚽ Beyond Work: Tune Into Life

We are the “shapers” of our life. Yes, incidents happen to us without our permission, but our future is shaped by how we react to them and what path we choose to pursue. My favorite song of all time Walk on Water put this best way:

It’s the path you take
The steps you make
That makes you who you are

Take charge of your life and craft a life of your choice. For inspiration, tune into Walk on Water by Blue County on iTunes!
That’s all for now! Stay tuned for less, but worthy!

- Vishnu Goyal
Creator, Content Chef
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