Thanks to making "" I have been introduced to some amazing health products These are the ones I swear by right now.
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IV-7 for your cleaning needs and medicine cabinet!

IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense™

The same technology that powers IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense™, in concentrate form, is powerful enough that a few drops will purify a gallon of water – and donations of the product were made through the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to purify water after natural disasters such as the tsunami and earthquakes in China and Haiti.  Powerful enough to be the first new antibacterial technology approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 30 years.

Powerful enough to kill bacteria and viruses in as fast as 30 seconds – a much faster kill time than typical products.

Powerful enough to give 24-hour residual protection on hard surfaces – which other products can’t.

Not only is it powerful, but it earned the EPA's "Category IV" listing, which is the lowest toxicity and means that -- unlike other products -- no hazard or precautionary labeling is required. Free of alcohol, bleach or other toxic ingredients.

If IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense™ sounds extraordinary, it is.

Comment from Ian:

That's on the site and bottle which also says not for internal use but fyi when I get sick with any kind of virus I take a half an ounce a day as it is totally non-toxic and does the job in killing all pathogens even better than Colodial Silver.  I also use it as a deoderant.  Slap some on after a shower and you are good for days!  And stinky shoes?  Again because it kills bacteria works very well on these.  Oh and I clean my kitchen and bathroom with it to.  I never know where the bottle is... in my medicine cabinet or under the sink!  lol.

Here is a video on Ian Clark founder of Ocean's Alive and who turned me on to this product:

FYI:  I must say that this is one of my most popular and well paying MLM's.  Rarely does a month go by where I don't get a $15 to $45 dollar check in the mail and I don't do anything but post it on my facebook once in a while and send out the odd email.  So if you are interested in some extra income I'd look in to joining this team.  

Activation Products

This is the general site which has 4 products: Phytoplankton, Magnesium, as well as an Oregano Complex and Golden Spice Turmeric. FYI I learned about all these through my friend and actress Mariel Hemingway. It's her passion to find the best of the best products out there and these are some of them.  So the next two links below have the same products on this one site, FYI.


Activation Products Main Site:



Oceans Alive Phytoplankton:  This is the stuff that is better than any fish oil for your EFA's (essential fatty acid's) as you skip the middle man or middle fish if you will. The fish eat the phytoplankton and we eat the fish for the phytoplankton. Well this is pure organic phytoplankton on it's own. So throw out your EFA's and use the best of the best!

A video of Ian Clark creator of Ocean's Alive: 


Magnesium Infusion:   Spark of Life!  Magnesium is a crucial macro nutrient for human health. It is essential to more than 300 cellular processes, some of which include muscle & nerve function, heart rhythm, and peristalsis (muscular contractions of the digestive system). To be deficient in magnesium guarantees a sub-optimal level of health. Severe lack of magnesium can seriously impair all bodily functions.

Golden Spice Turmeric:  Turmeric is a prominent part of Asian culture, especially in India as a dye and culinary spice. For thousands of years people have enjoyed it's brilliant pigments and warming flavour. It has also been used extensively as a herbal remedy for many physical problems including digestive ailments, inflammation and infection, skin diseases, and heart disease to name a few.

Mountain Oregano Complex:   Oregano has secured it's spot as one of the most globally popular remedies because, quite simply, it just works. People trust it's strong anti-biotic abilities to quickly remedy infections, flu symptoms, and other nagging signs of poor health:  (I always get chest infections since being a baby.  For years took anti-biotics.  Now I take this as it's all natural and doesn't kill all the good bacteria like the drugs do!)

If you are interested in becoming and affiliate and selling these products: - documentary by Ian Jacklin

Synopsis:  Documentary on a comparison of Western Medical Cancer treatments VS Alternative ones.  It shows how our government is not protecting we the people by allowing conglomerates such as the FDA, Pharmaceutical Companies, AMA etc...  monopolize the market.  It further expresses how their only methods of treating cancer are invasive, highly toxic "Chemo/Radiation/Surgery which has about a 5% success rate in curing cancer.  And how Alternative methods are 70 - 80% successful in curing cancer.  Focuses on many patients and doctors who offer their stories on how they cured themselves of cancer alternatively.  An absolute must see considering 50% of people today will get cancer in their life time.  Part II is in production right now and we expect the release to be by Feb. 2013.

Order DVD:

For information on alternative cancer treatments and their results go to

The best thing I've come across in a while.


Best product I've come across in a while:   No matter where you look today, it seems heart health problems are at the center of every health and wellness discussion.
In fact, heart disease has now become the leading cause of death in the United States. That is why Synergy WorldWide created ProArgi-9+—to help people fight
the most urgent causes of poor cardiovascular health.

ProArgi-9+ contains an essential amino acid called l-arginine. Your body converts l-arginine into nitric oxide, a substance which increases vasodilation, enhances
blood flow, and improves general blood vessel function:  

Comment from Ian:  A friend's husband had ED - Erectile Dysfunction.  After less than a week on this let's just say there are no more problems in the bedroom.  
And it works for women too!  She's been taking it and said she is reaching heights 10 x anything she's experienced before!

You can read the studies and watch the video's on the websites that explain how people that have been on a heart transplant list were taken off after 3 months
on the product.  Truly the most amazing product I've seen lately.  There is also ProArgi-9+ Active for those that work out and or play sports.

It has a great MLM program if you are interested in selling it too:
Contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

Note From Ian Jacklin: 

Thanks to 14 years of researching and making my documentary "" I have been privy to some amazing supplements and holistic medicines.  This I want to share with you as they have made my life much better.

I am not a Doctor, nor am I offering a cure to anyone. The "i" in refers to 'you', the person who is logging on to the site in search of information regarding what other fellow human beings have done in battling this horrendous disease.  And all these products and info about them don't necessarily reflect the companies that make them.  It's just my educated opinion and how and why I take them.  One should consult a doctor or Naturopath before starting anything new.

If you are receiving this then we have had some sort of correspondence over the years whether it be any of my Co-Dependent Pictures products in Music, Health or Martial Arts. You can be removed from my list by clicking on appropriate link.  Godspeed. 
P.S.  Check out new product Cellect Powder below. Used in many alternative cancer healing protocols among many other diseases like MS, Alzheimer's and more.

Ian Jacklin
Co-Dependent Pictures Inc.










Cellect Powder

email: to order


Well known and recommended by for it's effectiveness in helping those suffering from cancer.


Each bottle contains 30 servings. A properly sized scoop is included in each bottle. A separate bottle of Cod Liver Oil gelcaps are included in each kit. Take 3 Cod Liver Oil gelcaps for each serving.

The University of Mary Washington researched the efficacy of  in brain tissue and inflammation relative to Alzheimer's Disease and published their findings with the Virginia Academy of Sciences. 

A PDF document can be found on the 
They did the research using mice. After 7 months, the inflammation reduced tremendously and the toxicity was basically non-existent. 

Their experiment found that  showed over Eleven Million percent improvement (11,100,000 %). 

These findings may also relate to other brain related biochemistry and physiological effects in the body as well. 


For specific directions on how
   to use this
   product Go



The key product in this protocol is a nutritional powder called Cellect, which has shown excellent results with all forms of cancer and many other chronic or terminal health issues. Cellect was developed by Fred Eichorn who is the president of the National Cancer Research Foundation.

Fred completed 4 years of Pre-Med and worked as a Surgical Organ Transplant Researcher. He is also a Bio-Chemist and cured himself of pancreatic cancer. The nutritional product Cellect was created as a result of his research.

A cancer patient should start out by building up to four scoops a day. The "scoop" is in the can, but due to shipping may have to be gently removed as it may work its way down into the powder. Children, of course, should take smaller doses.

A cancer patient (adults) may find they can advance quickly (starting at 1/2 scoop) to the 4 scopes or more. In cases of the very ill one may have to work up very slowly so their body can adjust. This could mean starting with as little as a half scoop of the powder per day, and then work up as their body can handle it.


Best water filter for the best price.


Your $995 Alkaline Water Solution

I've been following these alkaline water machines since Kangan came out years ago for $4000.  I wanted one but couldn't afford and did some more research and found another brand for $2400.  Still couldn't afford it.  Well as it turns out I was lucky cause then came along this Water Revolution model.  The difference between it and the others aside from the price is it includes an R.O. (Reverse Osmomosis) filter that kills everything in it where most other brands don't get the fluoride or even the chlorine let alone many other contaniments like pharmacueticals or the glue holding the pipes together.  This machine is non-electric and works like a mountain river stream re-mineralizing, alkalizing and ionizing it.  And from what I've heard to ionize water that isn't pure is actually worse for you than drinking plain old tap water.  

Oh and the shower head they have is to die for!  One shower with this and you will never go back.  It takes out the chlorine and most of the flouride and softens it as well.  You really can feel the difference.

This too is another great MLM.  I only join MLM's when the product sells it self cause I'm not a sales person at all.  I just present the facts and if someone is interested I send them to the site to get the product and or join up as a rep.

I only reccomend this one cause it has the R.O. included.  You can buy a $495 version which gets most of the bad stuff out but not 100% of the flouride which is really most important in my opinion. DVD -

Activation Products -

IV-7 -


Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor nor claim to cure anyone of anything.  The "i" in "" is you or who ever has the disease.  As a film maker I've interviewed and learned from the many people that used holistic medicine and good nutrition to beat their cancer when their doctors had sent them home to die.  Thanks to being in this "Natural Medicine Areana" for over a decade I have come across a lot of products and these are the ones I endorse and use myself.

I will keep you updated with my new finds as they come.