This month we bring you updates from the Oyo State Nigeria Distillery + Stoves project, our presence at World Environment Day and Rio + 20 and announce Project Gaia Executive Director Harry Stokes as the Winner of the 2012 World Bioenergy Award.
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Harry Stokes is handed the award from Swedish Minister for Information Technology and Energy, Anna-Karin Hatt.

Engineers conduct a site assessment at the Ogmobosho Village, Oyo State Nigeria, site of the Ethanol Microdistillery and Stoves project. 

What's New in May?

PGI Executive Director Harry Stokes Selected as 2012 World Bioenergy Award Winner 


Harry Stokes of Project Gaia was announced the winner of 2012 World Bioenergy Award on May 29 in Jönköping, Sweden. Harry was selected by the World Bioenergy Association jury out of five other finalists including entrepreneurs, government officials and researchers from India, Russia, Spain, UK and USA, all who have made important contributions to within the global bioenergy sector.

The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual with great achievements within the international bioenergy sector.The award honors Harry's work in developing, funding and managing Project Gaia to improve the health, economic status and quality of life of households in the developing world, particularly in Africa. Harry received the award from Swedish Minister for Information Technology and Energy, Anna-Karin Hatt.   

Kent Nyström, President of World Bioenergy Association and member of the jury commented,“Harry Stokes was one of the finalists also in 2010. The scope of his achievements is vast, and there are several dimensions to the benefits of helping developing communities rely more on clean, renewable and domestic fuels.”

Find out more about Harry Stokes and the World Bionenergy Award finalists. 

Project Gaia Interview by HEDON - Sustainable Energy for All UN Initiative  

This month, Project Gaia participated in a survey organized by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) looking at the role of the private sector in stimulating access to energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency projects. This survey aims to provide a better understanding of current barriers and challenges to private sector involvement, how to overcome them, and the potential for the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative (SE4ALL) to improve conditions and enhance opportunities.

Among survey participants are governmental organizations, companies, private investors, donors and NGOs.

Read about Project Gaia's commerialization efforts, including decentralized ethanol production projects and local stove manufacture, in our IIED inputs here

Updates from the Nigeria NABDA Ogbomoso Village Project 

The first site evaluaton of the Nigerian NABDA/Primera Agricultura Ethanol Microdistillery project took place on May 27-29 in Ogbomosho Community, Oyo State, Nigeria. The EMD warehouse is well under construction as are the co-product processing units. The development is a government and private sector-financed project and consists of a cluster of agro-based activities that are geared towards sustainable market and social development of rural communities. The centre is designed to "close the loop" of fuel production, whereby waste from one activity becomes the feedstock/raw material for the production process in another. 

The project occupies a 15 hectare land space with over 1,100 ha of adjoining stretch of arable land for feedstock development and future expansion. The project is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and expected to create up to 400 direct jobs in the community at start of operation, and over 10,000 jobs envisaged at full capacity over a 3-year period.

Project Gaia/Dometic Cleancook stoves have been delivered to the site and will be available to households as ethanol production will begin this year. 

Read more details on the Ogbomosho community distillery and stoves project. 

Project Gaia to Participate at World Environment Day in Geneva and "Rio + 20" UN Conference on Sustainable Development 

The PGI team will participate in two upcoming UN-organized activities.

World Environment Day
PGI will showcase its refugee camp stove and fuel program in Eastern Ethiopia with its partner, the UNHCR on June 5, 2012 in Geneva. World Environment Day is the UN's annual effort to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. For more information, visit the dedicated WED page.

Rio + 20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development 

A Project Gaia delegation will attend the Rio + 20 conference and the civil society events leading up to the Partnership Forum. Harry Stokes will participate as a Panelist in the Sustainable Development Dialogues, June 16-19, 2012. As a renewable energy fuel initiative, Project Gaia has held a true committment to sustainable development over the past five years. Rio + 20 is an opportunity to guide policymaking towards long-term growth strategies, focusing on energy. 

Take a look at what NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders are making for June's summit.  

Project Gaia in Rio! 

A Project Gaia delegation will attend the Rio + 20 conference and the civil society talks leading up to it. 

Will you be in Rio? Contact us by replying to this newsletter to set up meetings and explore synergies. 

What's New Online? 

Check out the new Mozambique page on our website! 

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