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Newsletter 3


Amida Pureland Buddhism in Perth

Hello again, everyone. It was an auspicious evening when we opened our small home temple here. Many members of the Order from around the world sent us messages  which I read as we gathered for the first time.

Here's the message from
Dharmavidya David Brazier, the Head of our Order,
the Order of Amida Buddha

Namo Amitabha Buddha! I and all the sangha are delighted to know that there will be a place in Scotland now for Amida practice. It seems that the right time has come. We say that Amida’s golden chain stretches round the world and in doing so it joins together many good hearted practitioners in mutual support and shared faith. It is, therefore, a cause for great happiness when this becomes a material reality and people in different lands practise together in the spirit of love, compassion, joy and peace. It is a hallmark of the Amida sangha that sharing creates a strong sense of community, both locally and between sanghas around the world. thus we all contribute to the fulfilment of the intention of the Buddhas and the realisation of a Pure Land that has no bounds. A deep bow to you all.

~ Dharmavidya


I'm delighted to invite you to our second meeting on

Date: Tuesday September 1st 2015
Time: 7 - 9 pm

The evening will include Pureland chanting and sitting meditation, an explanation of what we do and why, followed by Evening Service, which sends us out into the world feeling calmed and refreshed. So do come along and join us for a peaceful and nurturing evening with like-minded others - our new Amida Pureland sangha here in Perth.

Note: Meetings are open to all.
No experience necessary.

Venue: 'Taigh an t-Solais'
19 Fairmount Terrace, Barnhill

Directions: From the Queens Bridge, travel south along the A85 Dundee Road, in the Dundee direction. Turn up Fairmount Road beside the Sunbank House Hotel. Continue to the right along Fairmount Terrace, going beyond the small crossroads beside Balnagraig School. Shortly after this you will come to a small cul-de-sac on the left hand side, where you will find Number 19 at the top of the cul-de-sac.
Here's a
photo of the house so you'll recognise it!

We're near the bottom right of
:: this map

Our shrine room is on the ground floor, overlooking the terraced garden at the back of the house.

Come along and join us - and bring your friends!
All meetings include Pureland Buddhist practice, tea and biscuits - I have a new vegan cookie book! Also we'll include time to check in with each other. Meetings in the future will include Dharma talks, Pureland lessons, guided meditation, art and music.
From time to time other members of the
Amida Order will visit us.

There's no cost for these meetings - however we welcome donations for Amida projects in Delhi and the UK. Suggested amount between £2 and £5.

As Pureland Buddhists I'm happy to tell you that we neither expect perfection from ourselves nor others, but you might feel more at home here and at our other temples and centres if you have an idea of what to do in the shrine room - so find out about

Shrine Room Etiquette here


Here's a video of

Reverend Dharmavidya David Brazier,
head of the Amida Order,
speaking at San Francisco Zen Center

on June 5, 2015

:: link to video

You can find out more about Amida Pureland Buddhism by visiting our website

We now have a FaceBook page

Amida Buddhism: Faith and Practice 2

Five Pureland Refuges

In Amida we take refuge
In the Buddha we take refuge
In the Dharma we take refuge
In the Sangha we take refuge
In the Pure Land we take refuge

All Buddhists take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Amida Buddhists additionally take refuge in Amida Buddha and in the Pure Land. The two additional refuges deepen our appreciation of the original three.

The Buddha - by the Buddha is meant the Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of the Buddhist tradition in this historical epoch, who was a human being who renounced and overcame greed, hate and delusion, thus entering enlightenment and discovering the Primal Vow by means of which he was able to live a life of service to all sentient beings.

The Dharma - Dharma means both the Buddhist teaching and reality. The Buddha pointed out reality: birth and death, bliss and affliction, paths of noble living and paths of corruption. He bade us take our life in hand and set it upon a noble path.

The Sangha - Sangha means the community of those, ordained and lay, who follow the path pointed out by the Buddha. To take refuge in sangha is to commit oneself to being part of the movement that the Buddha founded for the emancipation of this world from delusion.

Amida Buddha - Amida means measureless. The historical Buddha gave teachings about Amida Buddha to help us to see all existence in the aspect of what is immeasurable and ungraspable so that we might turn away from little lives and mean minds and be released into a greater vision.

The Pure Land - there are two paths in Buddhism: the Path of Sages and the Pure Land Path. Amida Buddhism is a Pure Land path, based on faith in the vision of the Pure Land rather than on achieving personal enlightenment by one’s own efforts.

~ Dharmavidya David Brazier, Head of the Order of Amida Buddha



More dates for your diary

Bodhi Retreat 2015 
with Dharmavidya David Brazier,
Amida Mandala, Malvern
December 8 - 13, 2015

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