Kaspa writes:
I just wanted to let you know that the book on refuge that Satya has been working on has just been released.

It's a Pureland Buddhist take on what refuge means, illustrated with stories from Satya's own life - including some featuring the temple bunnies! 
Congratulations to Satya. I've witnessed the whole process of writing the book and getting it out into the world, so I've seen how much work it takes. And I know that sometimes it's stressful being a writer, but I suspect it is at least as joyful. Anyway - details of the book below.
‘Coming Home’ explores refuge in Pureland Buddhism through stories of everyday life. Meet the temple cats and bunnies, and hear about being silly at the dinner table. Read about Satya’s relationship tangles, her fondness of praise, and her chocolate addiction. Hear about where she finds joy, and where you can find it too. These stories will show you where you can find your own reliable refuges and, as you learn to lean in, you will find yourself coming home. ~ Kaspa
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"Satya Robyn’s writing floods you with the light of compassion. A warm hand reaches out to you from each page, to lift you up and out of whatever dark space you find yourself in and holds you there with her, as someone who understands."
Wendy Shinyo Haylett

"Satya Robyn’s Coming Home allows the teachings to come alive within the struggles and joys of our ordinary, daily lives. It graces us with the warmth of acceptance despite, or precisely because of, our imperfect selves. Just as the author wishes, I felt more grateful, more playful, and more joyful upon reading this uplifting book."
Kenneth Tanaka

“Satya Robyn has written a very homely and personal account of her experience as a Pureland Buddhist. It is a delight to read, informative, amusing, and easy to identify with. Read it! It will do you good.”
~ Dharmavidya 
David Brazier

“This book is a call to become fully human, in all our messy splendour, while remaining firmly rooted in the abiding joy of Immeasurable Life.”
~ John Paraskevopoulos



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